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Aeons of Eclipse

CD COVER for the music band Aeons of Eclipse, "The Hour of Desolation" album.

Email if you need a BOOK/CD/ADVERT COVER

In the hour of desolation,
In our grim and darkened nation.
Sky is falling, sky is falling.
Little girl is crying, calling.

In my message, I inquire:
Shall I fire? Shall I fire?
Target is confirmed, my friend.
This is it, this is the end.

Sung the whooshing silver choir.
And a mushroom made of fire
Into havens did expand.
Before we could comprehend

Situation very dire.
Hurricane of death went higher,
Politicians did conspire.
For the power absolute.

Our world has turned to ash.
When the east and west did clash.
It is too late to amend,
It is too late to repent.

Shattered streets, no population
And no sound of conversation
Here rises fractured spire
Tangled bodies, twisted wire

Turned to dust our attire
When did we loose navigation?
What did our war acquire,
But complete annihilation?
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