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Aberrant Revelation

By alexiuss
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On top of the declining, antediluvian world,
The last prelate overseer made a final pass over his lands.
By the power of the elements he felt a shifting of the balance in the celestial heavens.
Black and silver snow started falling from above. It had a distinct taste of ash and sulfur.
“Be this the day of my reckoning?” The overseer asked himself.
Long did he foresee the end, yet he did nothing to prevent it,
For it was beyond his elemental wisdom to stop it.
In a few seconds, every living cell in these mountains would utter
A singular cry of torment and agony,
As its interiors would be mangled and ruptured, faster then he would make another step.
He felt the coming of the unyielding rays so hot that they would melt the mountaintops themselves.
The echo of death would go 15 times around the planet, before all would fall calm.
An inanimate presence made itself known to him. Something was watching him.
He closed his eyes to discern and apprehend it.
High up in the heavens themselves.
A grim, metallic eye.
A wave of sound passed through it, just as the overseer had realized that the eye was alive. This realization was most useless to him, for the language spoken was strange, and primitive, a babble of static noises.
“Thermonuclear Fusion cascade weapon test… ready”
“Location confirmed. Fire when ready”
“Hey, do you think there is anything alive down there?”
“Nah, the planet is old and we’re 90% sure that nothing can survive at such low temperature and high altitude”
“Lets heat up this joint, shall we?”

________________________________________ ____
Drawing time: several weeks
Software used: Painter 9 and Photoshop CS
Hardware used: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet
Real size: 5000x9000 pixels
(Update on an old artwork)

Is also book cover:


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© 2009 - 2021 alexiuss
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Wonderful!! Congratulations!
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The figure's face reminds me of the Djinn from Clash of the Titans.
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your stuff is amazing
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brilliant ... check my photo manipulation out :D
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DAMN your shit is awesome.
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I've not seen such epicsauce!
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I'm not an art type of person but this picture is just... absolutely... I don't know how to describe it... it just resonates with me really powerfully on a personal level. I am going to buy this pic... when I get enough money.
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Th pic and description is awesome!
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Awesome work. Kinda reminds me of Magic the Gathering art.
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Wave of inspiration storming my mind.
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I want to double favorite this... I think it's my favorite image at all period.
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Really nice, love the colour
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This work is absolutely crazy! :woohoo: I am owed :faint: I don't know how you obtained the brush effects from the sky and the land, but they are absolutely gorgeous. Pls, watermark it! It would be a pitty for anybody to be able to make a printscreen out of this beauty :cries: Your signature is too small placed there, it won't protect it.
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watermarks are for wussies.
I dare thieves to steal it so I can sue their asses.

besides they can never steal real size of this one- 1 meter tall.
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Good for you - I prefer being a wussy :P ( Just to spare the trouble of looking on every free desktop site for my works or something ugly made cropping them :X)
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I don't have to look anywhere.
My fans do that and the crushing of the art thieves.
Besides I don't mind art being on desktop sites. Art is made to be shared, as long as they don't make thousands of profit in it, I don't mind.
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This is a great picture. The beautiful skyline and mountainous region is just perfect. :D
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wonderful choice of colours :thumbsup:
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