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Bonds :iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 30 4
Huff... Huff...
Huff... Huff...
By the Strigoii
Derek pressed his back against the bedroom door that had been slammed in his face no more than a few moments ago.  He'd apologized to Analise too many times over the phone and she deserved to hear this one in person.
On the far side of the door, Derek could hear Analise opening and slamming drawers.  He really hadn't wanted to do this, really he didn't.  If only that asshole, Frye, had kept his mouth shut.
"Why'd you have to take that damn promotion?" Analise shouted from beyond the doorway.  Her breath began to come in sobbing huffs.
"I took it because I want to marry you," Derek replied, "That promotion allowed me to by you your engagement ring with a single paycheck."
"Three months," she cried out between huffs, "We haven't had a date in three months because you took that stupid promotion.  Nine times, nine times you've canceled on me and all because of that stupid job."
"It's not the job this time."
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 33 2
A week went by before Tam and Jinn paid a call on Didi and the girls. The twins found them in Lydia's back yard garage having a balloon party, that is to say Lydia was having the party, as the rest of the girls were the balloons. All the girls, except for Lydia, were at their transformed proportions, but their densities were reduced to the point that they simply floated in mid-air
"Hi," said Didi, floating around the rafters. "What have you two been up to?" The twins were in their normal state. "Well, ask them," said Tam. "After all it was your idea." Cat and Jazz drifted down to the floor and landed on their feet. "Ask us what?" asked Cat.
"Umm, after we got back from the palace," Jinn started. "I realized that my brother and I really hadn't been using our powers for much of anything. They were sort of a family secret that didn't really get talked about much and used less, except at family gatherings."
"But at the palace," she continued. "My brother and I used our powers in s
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 5 2
BBSE: TWIN POWER Chapter Seven
Chap. 7: Not Over Yet
Cat leaned back and stretched her arms behind her head. Her muscles were sore and the wrestler had been heavy. Cat rubbed her one of her shoulders because it was stiff, and yawned when one of her sensitive ears picked up something slight. It was a very light sound. She turned around and examined the throne room again as the rest of the group were leaving. The bones were still where the were. So what made that sound? As Cat turned to leave, she head the sound again. It was slight and subtle, like the walking of a wasp on a window, only longer this time. It was the sound of silk being dragged over jade.
"Uh guys," said Cat. "Where did the bones go?"
"Aiiiiihhhhhh," screamed Jinn. Cat turned to see the Ming's bones hanging in mid-air like some grotesque marionette. "Get away from her!" shouted Jazz. The blast threw Ming back across the great hall. The bones rose into the air again and dove after the girls. Lydia shaped one of her hands into a long flat paddle, and sl
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 3 0
Chap. 6: Battle Plans
Josie was unready for what her opponent had planned next. The Ebon Wind came blinking on and off along the parapet wall. Josie teleported and tried to catch him off guard when he next appeared. She appeared beside the wall and made ready to strike out at her opponent. What she got was the pommel of a sai slammed between her shoulder blades, and a knee to her solar plexus. Josie vanished before she hit the ground.
Josie couldn't believe it, the ninja had taken her trick and improved it, and now he was using it against her. "Well two can play that game," she thought to herself. It look her a bit to recover, but she was ready for him none the less. Josie vanished as she went over the plan in her head.
Lydia led the way out of the cell. Jinn was still a little skittish about leaving the dungeon, fearing that Ming had set some sort of trap and that this was a part of it. Tam put his hand on his sister's shoulders and promised to stay behind her and make sure that every
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 2 0
Chap. 5: Rescue
"Now what?" asked Cat. The sky began to darken and the wind picked up a bit. "I don't like this," said Didi.
SNAP. A bolt of lightning missed the girls by a few feet. "This is getting serious!" shouted Didi. "I have an idea!" Didi grabbed Tam by the ankles. "Form a chain," she shouted above the storm. "We'll be harder to hit this way, we're gonna play a game of snap the whip. Cat's behind me and Jazz is at the end."
The six of them linked up, hand and ankle, with Tam in the lead. Tam dove, leading the group closer to the ground. The chain slithered along like a snake, sometimes missing a bolt by no more than a few inches. "I can see the gate," Cat called out. "It's straight ahead."
They needed speed. Tam flapped his wings and led the chain higher and higher. Then suddenly, he dove suddenly, snapping the whip and throwing poor Jazz off into free fall.
Jazz's eyes widened as she lost her grip on Josie's feet. She watched as the rest of them spiraled downward, a
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 2 1
Chap. 4: Elements and Entrances
The six of them stood on the field, facing the pair of trees. They decided to come in their normal forms so they wouldn't attract attention.
"Alright girls," said Didi. "Let's hook up." All five of the girls hooked the last hook on their bras, causing the transformation to send its usual erotic tingles up the girl's spines and through their limbs. Didi swelled up into her super-form that she had nicknamed Raven. Her breasts filled out to ten times their normal size, as she grew an extra couple of feet in height. Lydia and Josie transformed similarly except for a few extra pounds that would go to Lydia's bottom, but she wore it better than most.
Cat's transformation was even more spectacular. Her muscles rippled and bulged under her skin and turned her into an amazing mountain of a woman, and then her breasts filled out her shirt and then split it asunder. "Oops," she said blushing.
For Tam, however, the most fascinating transformation belonged to Jazz. T
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 2 0
Chap. 3: Interrogation
"Now that we got him, what do we do with him?" asked Lydia.
"There are rules that ghosts, like him, must follow," explained Tam. "Each one of us can ask him a single question. Because he has been bound, he must answer the questions asked. We will take him back to your garage."
"Ugh," grunted Cat. "Do we have to bring him in there?" Josie carried the Black Arrow by his feet, as Didi held his shoulders. "If the smell bothers you too much," Didi replied. "Just power down." Cat reached around and unhooked the bottom hook on her bra, the smell was much better. Jazz brought a chair for the ghost to sit in, and placed it in the middle of the garage
Tam walked around to face the Black Arrow. "You know who I am?" he asked the ghost.
"I know," the archer replied. "You are he that Ming sends us out to hunt. I would care less, if not for the fact that my task keeps me out of that damnable darkness."
"What darkness?" asked Josie. "Oops." For she had wasted her question
"In yo
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 2 1
Chap. 2: War Counsel
Ming Sin Fou was not pleased. "You were beaten by a girl?" she shrieked. "And this girl then took Tam from you?"
"She was no ordinary girl mistress," replied the Dark Warrior. "She threw me a league with but a scream."
"A scream?" Ming replied. "Never have I heard of such power." Her brow furrowed with worry. "Enough" she said. "You have told me enough, return to the darkness I brought you from until you are needed again."
"Yes Mistress," and with that he vanished, as though he were made of smoke. Ming sat back in her throne of polished jade and thought for a moment. She then traced a circle of fire in the air. "Kyojitsu, Black Arrow," she called into the circle. "Appear." The archer's masked face appeared in the circle.
"You have summoned me mistress?" said Black Arrow. Ming nodded, gracefully. "Yes, Black Arrow," she said. "I have a task for your sharp arrows and your tracking skills."
"Is he all right Cat?" asked Jazz. Cat listened to Tam's body sounds with ease
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 2 2
Bra Busters Special Edition: TWIN POWER
Chap. 1: Tam
"Your brother may have escaped us Jinn," said a strange voice from the darkness. "But we will have him back soon enough." Jinn fidgeted in the chair that she was bound to, she knew that her brother would come back for her and when he did, they would have him again.
"We won't have to wait for Tam to return," the voice said again. "Already I have sent my agents to the task of returning your sibling, and then I will have your family's secret power all for myself." Jinn began to cry.
Didi found a note from Josie in her locker. It read "Meet me in the girl's room after next period. Signed TP" TP was Bra Buster Secret Code. It let Didi know that it involved their secret identities and who it was from by using the initials for their secret powers.
Josie's was TP for teleporter, Lydia's was MM for morph mistress, Cat went by SG for sensory girl, and Jazz used SS for sonic shriek. Didi simply signed DD, there never was a need for anything mor
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 5 1
Mature content
Feeling Blue :iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 18 8
Kali's Rescue
By Strigoii
"Have a care, wizard."
Kalek reflexively channeled energy from the air into his hands to form a Hexstorm in his hands.  He looked around for whoever had threatened him, but no one was in sight, not even to his special mage's vision.
"Up here," came the voice. It was soft and feminine.  Kalek looked up the tree he was standing next to, perched in the low branches was a foxtaur.  She had soft brown fur and a tawny undercoat with a black tail tip, a Swift Foxtaur.  "What are you doing up there Lady?" asked the wizard.
"Surviving," she replied, as she jumped from branch to branch, finally landing with all four feet on the ground.  Now Kalek could get a good look at her. Her humanoid torso was tall and slender, as was her vulpine body.  She was buxom as well, but only just enough that you could, tell she was a female from a distance.  He could see the russet color where her fur ended and formed an auburn band of fur that ran along her hindquarters.  "How did you ge
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 6 0
Mature content
Pop Star :iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 18 8
No need for a blimp.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This takes place in the OAV universe; sorry about that Keone fans.
It all started innocently enough.
"Tenchi's home!" Sasami called out to the rest of the house, "Welcome home, Tenchi."  The sweet young princess with the turquoise hair bowed slightly as she wiped her hands on her apron.  A moment later the rest of the house bustled to life to welcome Tenchi home.
"Teeennnnchiiiiiii," cooed Ryoko as she phased into existence.  She drifted towards the front door and wrapped her arms around Tenchi's neck as she drifted around behind him.  "It's been simply ages Tenchi," Ryoko said, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming back to me Tenchi."
"Tenchi was only gone for a week," said Ayeka, as she appeared on the staircase, she was drying her long purple hair having just finished washing it. "And who said that he came back to see you?"  Ryoko replied with a ripe raspberry.
"Now now," said Wa
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 22 9
Mature content
SRU: Do You Believe in Magic? :iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 10 0
By Strigoii
June was perfect weather for a ride down the creek in a tube.  It was hot and humid, making it a perfect day to be in the water.
Sara took the bus down to the Chatahoochie River and walked down the concrete steps to the shack that used to be the local bait shop.  Now days it was a tube shop, where you could blow up your tube, patch a leak, or just kick back with a coke and watch the idiots.  Sara opened the door.
"Hey Randy," Sara called out.  Randy, Sara boyfriend, turned around smiled.  Due to their high school class schedule and Randy's after school job, they had hardly seen each other through the school year.  Now they had the opportunity to rekindle a little summer romance when the shop closed.  "Hello Sara," he replied, "Come to cool off?"  Sara nodded and shifted her toe as though she were at the beach, as she repressed a giggle she had been hiding since she left the house this mor
:iconalexistrigoii:AlexiStrigoii 20 3


Rots 49 by Mastergodai
Mature content
Rots 49 :iconmastergodai:Mastergodai 349 37
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COM - Mumu :iconday-tripper-guy:Day-Tripper-Guy 321 7
Diamonds versus Diamonds by ErinPtah Diamonds versus Diamonds :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 46 2 UT Comic: New Arms by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: New Arms :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 3,930 536 Shion by a76106558 Shion :icona76106558:a76106558 340 6 Team Ripoff Rocket by BriannaBellerose Team Ripoff Rocket :iconbriannabellerose:BriannaBellerose 13 8 Pokemon's Jessie by drake5577 Pokemon's Jessie :icondrake5577:drake5577 1,128 36 Miki Bubble Bounce Commission by Thiridian Miki Bubble Bounce Commission :iconthiridian:Thiridian 73 36 Lie Down Here by Mastergodai
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Lie Down Here :iconmastergodai:Mastergodai 252 8
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This link is for the Patreon of Jessica Riley McCool,  a wonderful artist and webcomic writer, who, despite herself and her son being homeless and victims of a predatory loan, manages to publish her webcomics and work at a dead end job.  She needs all the help she can get, so please at least chuck a dollar her way if you can...


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