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Twitch Plays Pokemon Part 2: Dreams

By AlexisRoyce
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So after the other Twitch Plays Pokemon scribble comic, I didn't have any plans to keep going. But redditor Fangasm posted this really awesome take on Drowzee and Flareon: And I wondered what might mean for our poor Red. If anyone else wants to see more of this, feel free to draw what you think might happen. The collaborative nature of this whole thing is nothing short of beautiful.

EDIT: aether012 has made this into a video, complete with voice acting and music! Check it out over here:

You can watch Twitch Plays Pokemon here:…
And the community is over here:…

Check out my ongoing horror comic here!

Part One:                        Part Three:

Twitch Plays Pokemon Part One: Don't Give Up by AlexisRoyce                                 Twitch Plays Pokemon Part 3: Red by AlexisRoyce
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I don't believe there is evil. Anarchy and the Helix provide relief and the unknown. The Dome and its Domecracy help March on progress no matter how boring and tedious that may be. Now with Crystal we see the mons wronged by the Gods looking for their purpose and freedom.

Brian's arc in Crystal is one of my favourites showing that the Helix cares. (We haven't seen a Dome team perhaps in the future) 
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That last panel is perfect.
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Thank you so much!
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Oh boy....where's Yvetle when you need him...
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DDAMN COOL! (feeling bad now about Red--and Gold and Ethan and May and the others though...)
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Thank you! I wonder what kind of stories people are going to come up with for our new protagonist.
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Silence will fall...
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just further proof that TPP red is a Malkavin lol
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..that already have my respect
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Brother. Yes. Best reference. You receive one liter of vitae and much acclaim from your Kin.
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Silence will fall....
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:D I actually followed that link. It's awesome. Did you draw that? :>
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nope. I wish lol. I found it randomly.
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Ahhh, still, it's cool. :> It really fits. :D
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This is the true reason Giovanni quit.
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Funny you should mention that...
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It is done. The battle is won.
Finally, Red has achieved the silence he sought...
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But it would seem, that Red has only earned a short moment of peace, as Lord Helix, be he praised, has declared the start of a new adventure in a mere time of twentytwo and a half hour from now.
Will Red never be free of this torment? Will the torch be passed on to a new unlucky mesias of the Helix? And if Red is chosen yet again, will he have to leave his old friends and saviours behind, and seek the aid of new allies?
Find out tomorrow, as a new adventure, in the name of our Lord Helix, begins.
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Fool. By the flames of the Martyr, Red's torment will remain ended. To restart the journey we just concluded would be folly. The new adventure must take place in the next link in the chain of events.
And through the Flames of the Fire Stone, I see that in that next link neither Helix nor Dome have a presence. Their temple lies in Ruin, their influence is diminished, and only the Sky God of Old yet lives.
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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つPraise The Dome༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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This is the greatest thing ever. EVER! I demand a professional dub for this comic with epic voices and Music!
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Check the description; a really awesome voice actor already did just that. :D
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