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Twitch Plays Pokemon Part 2: Dreams



So after the other Twitch Plays Pokemon scribble comic, I didn't have any plans to keep going. But redditor Fangasm posted this really awesome take on Drowzee and Flareon: And I wondered what might mean for our poor Red. If anyone else wants to see more of this, feel free to draw what you think might happen. The collaborative nature of this whole thing is nothing short of beautiful.

EDIT: aether012 has made this into a video, complete with voice acting and music! Check it out over here:

Check out my ongoing horror comic here!

Part One:                        Part Three:

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I don't believe there is evil. Anarchy and the Helix provide relief and the unknown. The Dome and its Domecracy help March on progress no matter how boring and tedious that may be. Now with Crystal we see the mons wronged by the Gods looking for their purpose and freedom.

Brian's arc in Crystal is one of my favourites showing that the Helix cares. (We haven't seen a Dome team perhaps in the future)