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MORE UPDATES 6/14/17: I have decided I will be cutting back on my workload so any commissions that will go over $50 will be turned down. I am busy with work and have to limit myself so I figured this was the best option until maybe I can either cut back on hours or get a job that allows more free time for comms.

Also, I have opened up for YCH commissions:

*********UPDATES: I only accept payment through invoices now, I don't do Canon/OCs anymore, no more refunds, I cannot get birthday/holiday gifts done on time, more specific examples of art in the PRICES section with chibis and pinups added, and other rules involving behavior, blacklisting and reposting art without my permission. Anything in bold is what has been recently added. 

This journal entry is a list of my prices, rules, and discounts. It is recommended that you read through this at least once before contacting me. My profile page will have a message saying if I am open or not but you can visit this entry any time to get a good idea of what I am looking for and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below. Also keep in mind that this list is subject to change and I will update every now and then as I see fit.



  1.   Clumsy Lil' Derpy by AleximusPrime EPIC HUG TIME! by AleximusPrime Commission:  The Great and Powerful Tushie by AleximusPrimeJust a sketch – About $5 for 1 character, +$3 for every added character. Humans/anthros or more complex characters will go up in price. (NOTE: I do not have a scanner, I can only take photos so the sketches may not turn out to be of the greatest quality)
  2.   Commission:  Merry GLITCHmas!  :3 by AleximusPrimeLineart only – About $10 for 1 character, +$7 for every added character
  3. Good Starlight Glimmer button design by AleximusPrime Queen Chrysalis button design by AleximusPrime Fully colored, shaded, and colored linework in MS Paint/Paint.net – About $15 for 1 character, +$10 for every added character, higher prices for more complex designs (Chrysalis)
  4. Chibi Sweet Velvet by AleximusPrime Chibi Ponies:  Mane Six by AleximusPrimeFully colored Chibi ponies - About $10 each and $10 for every added character. More complex characters will be about $12 or more.
  5.  Fully colored human/anthro pinups - about $25 each, $20 for every added character. Knee/waist-up will be about $20. More clothes or complex designs will bring price up.
  6.   Kanto Starters (Squirtle Bulbasaur Charmander) by AleximusPrime Kanto Starters (Blastoise Venusaur Charizard) by AleximusPrime Pika-Love by AleximusPrimeNon-MLP characters - $15 for simple designs (Bulbasaur) and $10 for every added character, $20-$25 for more complex designs (Venusaur), and $15-$20 for every added character.

Other important things to know about prices:

  • You an bring the price down a few dollars by having me take off a few drawing methods to save time. For example, if you want your character to not have any shading or to have black-only linework, those will be $1 off each.
  • Add costume or lots of clothes – Between $5 and $10 per character or more depending on the complexity of their clothes.
  • Add background – About $10 or more depending on how complex the background is. Simple backgrounds will cost less.
  • Larger and more detailed characters (the princesses, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, etc…) will increase in price.
  • Comics will be priced higher as it is many pictures in one. They usually come up to about $100 or more so be prepared to pay a lot.
  • I am willing to do 'reference sheets', just be sure to keep all these pricess in mind when asking for one.
  • I can do vector poses/expressions of your OC and make a sheet of them. The first one will be about $10 to recolor one of my templates (can increase depending on how complex the pony is) and the rest will be $5 (can increase depending on how complex the pose is).
  • MLP art can be done in my style OR show accurate style. Please specify which. This will NOT affect price.
  • I have not mastered flash animation yet, so don't ask, but if you want me to just make a simple GIF out of regular PNG frames, that will be like the usual $15ish for the first character with $10ish for every added one.

*****Keep in mind that price is subject to change depending on your request and how long it ends up taking.



Please read these rules before asking me for a commission though I’m sure most of it will already come as common sense.

  1. I only accept PayPal. No points, no free requests, no art-trades.
  2. I will be sending you an invoice first from now on, I will no longer be asking you to send me the money first. This will require you to give me your PayPal-linked email address. If you already have my email from buying from me in the past and send me payment before telling me what the request is, the money will be sent back to you and you will be asked to wait till we discuss the price and then do an invoice. This may result in blacklisting if done on more than one occasion.
  3. I can no longer do birthday or holiday-related gifts due to having to rush to get them done by the deadline unless you are fine with them getting done at a later date.
  4. OCs are allowed (you are responsible for providing reference for your OC unless I am already aware of what they look like). OCs that are ‘Mary Sues’ or have overdone designs will either be turned down or redesigned to look better with your permission.
  5. I will no longer be doing Canon/OC ships and I can only do Canon/Canons if the characters are an actual couple or have some romantic implications towards one another like Twilight and Flash for example. This also applies to OCs who are the love-children of 2 canons that are not a confirmed couple.
  6. No excessive blood, gore, or any other form of violence.
  7. No crude language, swearing, or racism.
  8. No drug or alcohol use.
  9. No porn. (I can do ‘sexy’ stuff but nothing explicit.)
  10. My signature/URL MUST be on the public upload of the pic. This prevents art theft.
  11. Be respectful and professional when commissioning me please. Take your time to read this journal carefully so you aren’t surprised with the rules.
  12. I will not start the commission until I am paid. If something drastic happens and I am unable to do the commission or you change your mind before I start it, let me know and I will return your money and cancel your request. If I have already started the commission or part of it is done, your refund will be partial.
  13. I can no longer do refunds at all. Do not commission me if you have bills to pay and are not sure if you can afford it. Only commission me if you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you can afford to pay because once you pay you will not be able to get the money back. I apologize for the inconvenience but allowing refunds in the past has hurt me and screwed up my schedule so I can no longer do them.
  14. If you exhibit bad behavior when working with me (reposting art when I have not permitted you to, harassing me to make something when I have already refused, giving me a hard time over my prices or how quickly I get it done), you will be added to my blacklist and any future requests will be ignored. Any further harassment will result in being blocked and possibly reported.

Other guidelines (BE SURE TO READ):

  • Don’t be afraid to give me some specifics about your requested pic like what pose you want the character to be in or what their expression should be and so on. It might help me better if you describe what you want more specifically. Just don’t go crazy with this.
  • When your commission is finished, I am willing to send you it via sta.sh without a watermark if you have requested that I do so.  This picture is ONLY for you and is not meant for public uploads. Please do not repost it anywhere or someone could steal it and claim it as their own since there is no watermark on it. If you want to repost the watermarked version on your account, please ask first and be sure to say that it was drawn by me in the title or description of your upload. Uploading your commission without my permission more than once may result in blacklisting.
  • All commissions posted on Deviant Art will have the word “Commission:” in front and then either your name or a title for the image. Let me know if you want a specific title or I may come up with a fitting one myself.
  • I am on the internet a lot so keeping in touch with me should not be a problem. If I am unable to use the internet for a day or two due to connectivity issues or vacation or something, I will let you know.  If you send me a message and I don’t reply for a day or two, send it again because I may have missed it or something due to a lot of messages per day.
  • Please be timely when noting me about your commission.  If you don't have the money to pay me just yet or you are going to be away from your computer for a while, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE so I can reserve your spot without wondering where you are.  If I am still waiting on payment/to hear back from you and you have not informed me that you'll be absent for a while, I will cancel your reserved slot and give it to someone else.
  • Make sure you have enough money for your commission and make sure you have a PayPal and know the password to get in. For those of you who don’t have one but want to use your parents, please ask for their permission first.
  • Once you and I have discussed your commission, I will ask for your email so I can send you the invoice. I upload the work-in-progress sketches of these pics to my Scraps with your name in the description so be sure to have mentions turned on or be watching my scraps.  If there are any mistakes or something in the pic I forgot to do and that was in your original description of the pic, I will correct it free of charge.  If, however, it wasn't in your description and the correction is not a tiny little detail, I may ask for a couple dollars in return.
  • Right now I am mainly used to pony art but if you would like me to draw something else for you, we can talk about it. I like doing cute things, sexy things, and simplistic cartoons. Don’t be afraid to ask me if I am willing to draw you some non-pony art.



  1. Returning customers get a 5% discount.
  2. Veteran customers (people who commissioned me at least 5 times) get a 10% discount.
  3. Commissions that you want me to make as a gift for a friend get a 5% discount. Keep in mind that birthday gifts will most likely not get done on time for their birthday so be sure you are ok with it being late.
  4. An image featuring any of my OCs or ponysona gets a 10% discount.
  5. People who offer to draw a picture for me as part of payment get a discount. Percentage depends on how good of an artist they are and if it is a sketch or fully colored.
  6. You can only use ONE discount per commission.  I will use the biggest discount.  (For example, if you are a returning customer who wants a pic with my OC in it, only the latter discount will work)

*****These discounts are subject to change. Some can be omitted while others can be added.


So if you are interested in purchasing from me, please shoot me a note on Deviant Art and we’ll get something set up and I’ll put you on my list.  :)  Thank you!
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