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Who says alicorns can't be sexy?

Princess Twilight Sparkle has entered, bow down and worship her adorable royal flank, peasants! :iconworshipplz:

Just felt like drawing some of Princess Twilight acting all sassy and confident plus there isn't enough of her in my gallery just yet. I don't care who likes the idea of Twilight being an alicorn; she makes a sexy princess and there's nothing you can do about it! NOTHING!!

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust
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Of course alicorns can be sexy, you are elected the princess more babe and sexy every
Henry2962's avatar
there's something deeply wrong about you. and you're pretty bad covering it up by drawing this.
AleximusPrime's avatar
It's my art, I'll draw what I want.  This image isn't meant to be taken as seriously as you are taking it so in retrospect, that says there is something wrong with YOU.
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That's all the proof I need, xD
nuii700's avatar
cricket: .... one word ......... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG
lightyearpig's avatar
Bow down, bow down, before the power of Twily or be crushed, be crushed, by... her jolly plot of doom!
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Don't forget adorable.
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I LOOOOVE this! It would be so cool to see my OC made into one of these!
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You mean like a commission?
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Morons Twilight that's who.
MLPFiMRox's avatar
She's...too young...
AleximusPrime's avatar
She's not a filly, it's just my style!  I would have thought that the fact that she has both her wings and the EoH tiara would have given away that she's an adult.  :iconfacepalmplz: 
MLPFiMRox's avatar
Oh. Well, I mean't he looked like a filly. Plus, it's cute.
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Komodo from the Animal mechanicals: :blushes:
Sasquatch from the Animal Mechanicals: Oh brother!:facepalm:
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i only worship celestial's flank 
BreakinBenny's avatar
..And I don't worship anyone's flank. The appearance doesn't make anyone special.

*Ding dong!*
MLPFiMRox's avatar
Yes, and agreed.
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Listen your royal highness, there is only one princess that I worship, and her name is Lyra Heartstrings (and before anyone says she's not a princess, who says you need wings to be considered a princess, hell just put a crown on Lyra and I will instantly worship her)
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