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The Royal Sisters

Tia and Woona here are going to be the last of my sisters prints for TrotCon though there may be more cute sibling pics to come in the near future so stay tuned!  :D

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust
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Thats cute! I like how Lil Woona is on her big Sisters Booty :aww: And Tia's like oh Luna :heart:

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What I believe: Celestia as a young filly would have been, much like the sun she controls, intense- fun, super-energetic and outgoing, always wanting to meet new people. Whereas Luna, due to being younger than Celestia, would have been shy, timid, antisocial, constantly shrinking behind her older sister, much like the moon she represents.
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For me, my headcanon is that Tia is much like Twilight and Luna is like how you just described your headcanon of Tia.
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One of these days I hope that Hasbro does an episode with Celestia and Luna's younger days. Mostly because we really need one for them at the time. Plus we need a confirmed younger Celestia look.

All we have is one for Luna.
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We have a younger look for Luna already?  Are you talking about her hairstyle after NMM was defeated?
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Yeah. I've always seen that look as how Luna must have looked way back in the past. Before she grew up and got her current look.
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That's how I see her looking as a filly too.  I used to envision Celestia having the same hairstyle in pink but it didn't look good so I changed it to just the kind of wavy look but not moving around constantly like how it is now.
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The colors turned out lovely! :)
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I would would like to make a modified base out of this for a little something for hearts and whoov- I mean cadence's ba- I mean valentine's day.
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are you commenting on the right thing even?  O_o
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Yknow, I've noticed a common thing you've done for "hair shines"... A singular (or more than one) BLURRY WHITE LINE.
I remember I did that when I had GIMP. It looked horrible.
Here, it's not as bad. Because you actually have talent.
I don't know, it just bugs me a bit. It's like "Hmm what's it missing? Oh right, line-shines!" TBH I think a bit of variety could help. Like little white spot-shines on the edge of the hair instead of lines the whole way through. :shrug:
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It's just my style.
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me: gives a bit of criticism, not even bashing the art itself and just stating something that bugs me

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Geez dude, I was just trying to tell you that's simply HOW I DRAW.  You don't have to demonize me like that, you're coming off as rude and butthurt.
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i literally just relayed what you said again
every time i give you feedback, you kind of take it personally and it sparks into some big stupid argument because sensitivity
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All I said was "it's just my style" and you took it personally with your response.  This time it's YOU who's being sensitive.
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Right, right, point fingers at everyone but yourself. Honestly, I'll take the blame, whatever'll stop this random tantrum.
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Again, all I said was that "it's just my style" and you took it personally.  I have pretty much nothing to be offended by.  All you had to do was respond by saying "Eh, well that's ok then" or "Well, to each his own" or something but instead you try to make me look like a person who can't take criticism.  I took it rather well by saying "it's just my style", I could have freaked out on you.
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WooooooooooW! *faint by cuteness overdose* Faint 
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Make one with applejack and her mom.
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But I don't know what her mom even looks like!
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