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Wow this was quite a project!  I dunno if I'm the first to do a custom Tirek but I certainly am ONE of the first at least to show it online!  I did see one person making a sculpted bust of him but this has his full body.

Well I could go through telling you guys how I made him but I'll save that for another day when I have more time and photos of him and I am also going to try to put together a tutorial video cuz I took loads of WIP pics of him and I'd like to educate everyone else on how to do it so the world can have more custom Tireks!  :D

See him in more detail here:  Custom Tirek by AleximusPrime

More pics:  Custom Tirek photos by AleximusPrime

MLP © Hasbro
Fim © Lauren Faust

EDIT:  Featured by da_crafts on Twitter!…

EDIT:  Featured on EqD as the header image!…
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I am by no means a fan of the Generation 4 Tirek incarnation, but for a custom of this incarnation with bits and pieces of other toys thrown in to create it, I must say I am more impressed then I usually would be, I love the the way you used these pieces of other toys just to make it. It is truly a great example of how creative fans can be.
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Awesome sculpt.
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Miss if you continue to harass me with the same comment over and over again to "make you one" that's going to do the total opposite of encouraging me to make you a custom Tirek.  I need to make a living, I won't just make one for someone if I need money so you can just forget about it, you're not getting one because I know you don't have the money to pay for it.

Also, if I see you send the comment "Make me one!" one more time I'm blocking and reporting you.  Period.
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Don't tell me what to do.
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You need to learn to read the date uploads, I made this almost a year ago and it's already been sold.
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Again, don't tell me what to do and don't spam me with duplicate comments.  I already made a new one anyway and that one is already sold as well.
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I'll say it again, send me this comment one more time and you will be blocked and reported for spam.  Stop harassing me to make you something just because you want it and leave me the hell alone!
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Holy crap!! THAT'S AMAZING!! 8D
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Wow! Impressive!! I wish I can buy one, probably don't have money for it :(
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do you know how many dollars that even is?
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Much respect and kudos, a work exceptionally well done. Have someone tap your shoulder, for great justice.
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Take THAT Hasbro! YEAH!
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If Hasbro ever makes a Tirek toy it needs to be like this!
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Congrats on the header! I hope to see you again at Bronycon!
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were you at Trotcon?
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No, not at Trotcon - I try to limit myself to 2 cons a year. Magfest is the other one I'm doing besides Bronycon.
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