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Super Dragon Warriors

Now that I've drawn all the major characters for Super Dragon Warriors, I can finally show the poster for the game, so here it is!

For more info about each character, here they are:
Percy and Penny
King Charlatan

And yes, I was largely inspired by Nintendo and Super Smash Bros when making this so you can already see tons of parodies like "Tendonin" (Nintendo with letters switched around) and the JoyBox logo resembling the N64 logo.  I had too much fun making this.  XD

This poster will be my award for $5 and $10 Patreon supporters this month.  If you are interested in supporting me on Patreon, you can follow this link here: The mailing list is only for $5 and $10 per month, but even if you're just $1, you will still get access to my exclusive Discord server where I have a little fan community growing and you can get some behind-the-scenes work and preview sketches of upcoming artwork!

MLPFIM, Ember, Lavan, Erebus, King Charlatan, and Grogar © Hasbro
Smelt, Percy, Penny, Grumblebog, Buttercream, Sizzle, Super Dragon Warriors and Flurry Heart's Story created by me
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Is this a fighting game ala Super Smash Bros?

Is there a story mode?

If so, what's the story?/If not, what would be the story?

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Yes, and I’m not sure what the story mode would be. It might not have one like the first two Smash games.

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I want that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With the exception of Grogar, I know nothing about the other villains, nor did I realize they existed in G1. G1 knows how to make villains & I like your interpretation of them for the SDW game.

And TBH I wanted to say this but I didn't want to sound as if I'm putting you off on your game idea of Flurry Heart's story, but your game idea reminds me of something I've seen in a visual novel I recently picked up on my Nintendo Switch. Not as similar but the 'interpretation' idea reminds me of it.

AleximusPrime's avatar

What gam is that?

PeregrinStaraptor's avatar

Angels With Scaly Wings.

AleximusPrime's avatar

Lol so it’s about dragons too


PeregrinStaraptor's avatar

Hm. I figured you might have heard about it, but yes the story is about dragons. Without revealing too much, I'll just say that the story mainly involves the reader interacting with 5 specific dragons, each with his & her own story to tell just as an unfortunate situation takes place. If you like reading, you might enjoy it.

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Loving this game poster, great work Alex! :D

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Let me guess the names:

King Lava Fire

Tornado Cloud

King Penguin


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Their names are in the description.

victorfazbear's avatar

Ok. But i just like to call that to the villians. Nice art BTW

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As a big fan of the Super Smash Brothers I will love to play that game

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Epic Poster! Let the games begin!

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