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Silverstream (Hippogriff)

Finally done with the Student Six!  Here's my favorite: Silverstream!  She reminds me so much of Pinkie Pie: she's random and silly and loveable!  I love how she freaks out over stairs!  XD

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I loved when she shouted "Look what I found!! Stairs!!". XD
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Hasbro: "We can't get Princess Skystar back because money. So here's her cousin who's just like her instead."
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They could still have her appear with a VA whose agent doesn't demand as much money, or they could still use the VA from the movie but only do it in like one or two more episodes to save on the money.  They got William Shatner after all...
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Yeah, but he’s a well known fan and given how big an actor he is, the pay he got for it was just gravy. Chenowerth? Not so much.
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Do you mean that he'd be easier to hire or her?  The "Gravy" part threw me off... :?
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I meant Shatner. He's made enough bank off Star Trek to set him up for life. The money he got from being on MLP was gravy.
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YAY! Best student seahorse birb!
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Yeah, she loves stairs so I guess a trip to the Cadance's Palace would be pure joy all those stairs. Also, she and Sombra may get along I mean he loves stairs.
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Reminds you of Pinkie, hm?
Kinda like Surprise?  ;)
JustafunGUY23's avatar
And I am pretty sure also a hint of skystar, since she is her cousin!
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Silverstream is best student 6 and Hippogriff
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She's my favorite of the students, too! ^^
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I would love to see her and Gabby together! :)
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