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Rainbow Scarf



Have any of you guys ever done this to your cat?  Cuz I do it to her sometimes.  She hates it.  :3

Anyways, yesterday morning while I was half awake, this image just kinda came to me in my dreams for some odd reason and it was a silly and cute concept so I just had to get it drawn out.  :giggle:

I still dunno why I saw Applejack doing it to Rainbow Dash, this is more like something Pinkie would do but oh well.  :3  Odds are there will be more drawings like this of pretty much any 2 pony characters.......or maybe even some non-ponies?

Well I for one think this should be the new fad in the brony fandom.  I give everyone permission to draw pics like this of other characters or OCs and spread the word!  Make this the new socks!!!  :P

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust

EDIT:  Featured on EqD!…
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AJ: you look good as a scarf
Dash: let me go!