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Pinkie joins the Dark Side



IT'S A TRAP!!! :iconitsatrapplz:

Wow, I haven't made a comic in ages! I looked in my "comics" folder in my MLP folder and it's so empty and disorganized! Gotta get more of these in if I can find time in my schedule. But for now, have something ultra random and silly involving the master of chaos and everyone's favorite silly pink sugar-loaded, 4th wall-breaking, pony. :3

I realize I'm getting better at drawing Discord but I need to update his color wheel. He's so freaking hard to draw, he has too many colors and sharp parts! :work:

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust

EDIT: Featured on Equestria Daily! [link]

EDIT 2: Silly me, I forgot the lines on Discord's eagle arm in panel 3!
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