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Hand Sculpted Discord

I finally finished my Discord sculpture that I've been working on for the past few weeks.  Here is an image of him from all 8 basic angles.  He can also be taken apart and put back together for shipping and storage purposes (and a bit of play value cuz I can totally see Discord swapping his body parts around) but that will be shown in another image.

Special thanks to :iconjaegerpony: for buying this figure!  :)

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust

EDIT:  Featured on Equestria Daily!…
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What do you make these out of?
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A mixture of Sculpey III clay, Apoxie Sculpt, Fimo Puppen clay, wire armitures, aluminum foil, Lego pieces (for him to be taken apart for storage) and acrylic paint.
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His eyes look kind of scary head-on, but otherwise /)^3^(\so awesome!
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Discord kinda does look scary head on sometimes.  :3
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The way his hands are positioned makes me think he should have an alternative headpiece resembling the maniacal evil scientist wanting to destroy the world type of look.

Minor complaints aside, he looks perfect in every way! Color, shape, everything. Also, being able to take him apart and rearranging his body parts?! That's totally Discord alright.
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I was thinking of making another head and arms that are more i that position but that would bring the price up.

Yeah, I gotta show pics of it soon. 
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I love the angles.
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I can totally see one of those win an art show.
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That would be awesome if he did!  :3
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The colors of the figure is high quality to me. ^u^
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Why thanks!  Some of those colors took forever to mix!
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Holy moly, this is fantastic. The paint job and everything looks flawless. ITS PERFECT :love:
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I'll be making more too!
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That pose screams "Come at me, brony!" =D
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