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And now another one of the Student Six to use for future buttons and prints!

Gallus started off as a bit of a jerk but he's a lovable jerk now.  :3  It's also interesting how we've seen that griffons have more colorful designs like the ponies, I always thought they had more naturally-colored feathers.

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EDIT:  Featured on EqD!…
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anypony else notice that Gallus' feathers are the same colours as the Wonderbolts uniforms? and of course he was a jerk, that's the way griffins are. some more than others. except for Gabby.
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I noticed.  Very interesting.  :iconthinkingplz:
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My I have your say if I can use this for a pyramid photo I'm making....please I'll give you credit...
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a pyramid photo?
SuperBobiann's avatar's for a story I'm thinking of doing with my AU adventure in trying to find a pyramid wellpaper..for the cover of the story.
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Oh. Well there are better vectors of Gallus on here if you look but you can use it as long as you credit me.
As of today...the first confirmed orphan character on the show. ;_;
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Uuuuhhhhh... Princess Cadance, Spike, Capper, Sombra, Sombra's gf from the comics, Scotaloo (apperently), deffinetly not the first.
Princess Cadance - Not yet canon, only in novels and the IDW comic
Spike - Hmm...ok, I'll give you that one, although one can argue Twilight would be his adoptive mom as he's spent his life since hatching with her
Capper - Only in the IDW comic
Sombra & Radiant Hope - Only in the IDW comic
Scootaloo - She's alluded to her parents on the show ("Parental Glideance"); they're not GOOD parents, but they are parents
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Yeah, it is in the books and comics and since the show hasn't denied it, it is canon. It's published by Hasbro, the person who writes the novels writes for the show so wtf.
The show reserves the right to change those things at any time, and they already have for the comic on multiple instances.
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Well, whatever. Combine it somehow, I don't care.
Either way, you're right and I'm wrong. You're right about Spike being the first, and Cadance is practically confirmed.
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I really like Gallus! He reminds me a bit of Peter Venkman from ghostbusters.
Speaking of ghostbusters and mlp I noticed something.
Sugar coat kind of resembles Egon Spengler due to her bluntness and Radiant Hope(IDW) resembles Ray Stanz due to her optimism. We only need the Winston like character and we pretty much have the mlp version of the ghostbusters(personality wise). Then again maybe I'm overthinking it.:D
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You should draw some fanart of that!  XD
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This is great, but I wish Gabby had been there to represent the Griffins instead.
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Well we needed a new griffon plus we already had a silly over-excited student.  :3
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Two if you count Yona. XD
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Eh, she's not quite as crazy as Silverstream.
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Fair enough, she's a bit more like Applejack.
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I just noticed something. His colour scheme matches that of the Wolderbolts uniform. Could this be foreshadowing something?
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