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Friendship is Magic 4.0 (10th Anniversary)

It's been exactly 10 years now since I uploaded my first pic of the Mane Six and Spike:

Friendship is Magic by AleximusPrime

I redid this pic in 2012 and 2013 but eventually stopped after that:

Friendship is Magic 2.0 by AleximusPrime Friendship is Magic 3.0 by AleximusPrime

Since it's my 10-year anniversary of being a brony, I figured it was very appropriate to give it another redo and add a background this time.  I think the reason I stopped after 2013 was because I had already found my own signature style at that point and going on wasn't really necessary, but my style has kind of evolved over the years, I have found better techniques to do shading, and I have gotten better at backgrounds, so it was also good to showcase how much has changed.

I kind of want to make this a bonus print for Patreon supporters, but it's not tall enough to make a 11x17 poster so I might try something wider and then cut off the white margins at the top and bottom.  If not, I hope you all enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it.  :)

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Great remake here. I'm impressed by how far you've come compared to your first pony pic. Wish the said can be said for me and my motivation.

My ten year anniversary of being a brony is two months away and while I'm unsure of what day during May 2011 was when I started watching MLP:FiM, I do still have my first pony pic in my gallery and I'm thinking if I can overcome my laziness for once, I want to give it a follow up.

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Ah, back where it all began, with six cute ponies and a little dragon discovering the magic of friendship! :D You're style makes them all look so adorable! :heart: It's been a wild ride the past 10 years, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the fandom takes it and what G5 will also bring to the table. Here's to the fan content to come! :la:

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I have to find out when dog and pony show was first shown so I can celebrate 10th anniversary

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It was on March 11th. This Thursday!

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wow thanks great artwork by the way

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Very cute, your skill has definitely improved over the past decade. And it's always nice to see people include Spike.

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10 years since we began the adventures of six adorable ponies and one lovable dragon. =)

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One of your bests!! :D

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I'm really surprised you lasted this long.
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Oh, how you have improved. ^^

I miss Unicorn Twilight
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Are you a brony? Cause if you are I support you!

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Sweet art there Alex!!! :D

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