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Flash Magnus

And now the final character of the Pillars of Equestria, Flash Magnus a.k.a. that guy that everyone theorizes is Flash Sentry's ancestor.  :rofl:

I can't decide what country/culture he is designed after (I think either Roman or Greek) but he also has an awesome design and I love his shield!  I also love how he interacts with Rainbow Dash and I hope we see more of that in the show and now I've finally found a stallion aside from Soarin who looks cute with her!  :3

Well now that all the characters are done, I'll have the final group pic of them uploaded soon and then the version with the background that will be in print form at cons this next month!  Stay tuned!  :D

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What a hunk .😍❤️😍
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Flash Magnus a.k.a Flash Sentry's great great great great great great(x5) grand father. It be great to see a story featuring Magnus and Sentry.
Pretty much the MLP version of Captain America.
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
Madness? This! Is! Equestria!! :D
templar127's avatar
Magnus is best Greek/Roman horse!

As for shipping, I ship him with Somnambula cause it's both cute and historically accurate! :D
AleximusPrime's avatar
yeah, I actually prefer that, I just had it ironically crossed out in the description cuz I know it would sound ridiculous even though it is sorta cute.  :3
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I think he's meant to be designed as a Roman legionnaire with certain liberties in the design.
SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar
I see him more as a Spartan.
Brony-Commentator's avatar
One of these days, I need to commission a pic in which Magnus mentors Flash or trains him in combat
AleximusPrime's avatar
Oh that would be awesome!!
Count-Author's avatar
Laugh all you want, Alex. We like the theory. And at this point, it's all we can reach for...
AleximusPrime's avatar
I'm kinda hoping it's true though cuz then we can finally get an episode with Flash getting some character development.
Count-Author's avatar
Yeah, but at this point, it seems like too much to ask of the writers.
SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar
He is such a badass!  I think he and Rainbow make good friends but I do not ship the two of them, I ship him with Somnambula and Rainbow with Soarin.  Though I do agree with the fan theory that Magnus is Flash Sentry's ancestor.
AleximusPrime's avatar
Yeah he goes great with Somnambula too. :D
SazerLite's avatar
Is it wrong that I like him more than Rainbow Dash?
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