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Commission: How'd you get in there?!

A silly little comm for :iconwaffleberry:  I can totally see Derpy doing this.  :giggle:

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust

EDIT: featured on EqD!…
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PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Me: Lol :giggle:
Derpy: MUFFINS! :D
RD: What :?
Buckykatt42's avatar
Because She is Derpy Hooves.
She was watching the snow fall and got covered by it.Giggle 
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elr79655's avatar
Derpy does not answer to logic.
jyroman53's avatar
I think Pinkie Pie taught her !
jebob1's avatar
Nice enough Piece of artwork. Then I read the title and giggled =p
CinemaBrony's avatar
I'm Derpy, and I like warm muffins!
Gamingbrony88's avatar
Me too! I hope to see silly things like this happen with Derpy! =D she's adorable!
ArcCahlon's avatar
easy dash. she got in there by getting in there, silly dashie ^^
Whoa-Br0's avatar
Derpy will not unveil her secrets :3
DarthWill3's avatar
You got owned, Dashie!
Shadowstyle143's avatar
BronyOfEquestria142's avatar
She's Derpy don't question the derp logic
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Because, Derpy. XD
WaffleBerry's avatar
This came out even more awesome than I thought it would :3
AleximusPrime's avatar
All thanks to you!  :3
Mario-McFly's avatar
Oh, that Derpy!!!:)
SpinOffJoe's avatar
Seems like she was waiting for snow to drop on her tung, but snow dropped everywhere else to the point of becoming a snow pony. Oh Derpy. ^^
AleximusPrime's avatar
maybe she's frozen like that?!  O.O
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