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Chibi Ponies: Students

I've been on a roll lately with chibi group pics and I need a print for this month for my Patreon supporters, so I figured it was time I tackled the Students in chibi form.  I knew they'd turn out adorable, and boy did they!  And yes, I even added Cozy Glow cuz I really wanted to draw her as a chibi and she was technically a student at one point too.  :3

This will be available as a 11x17 poster for my Patreon supporters giving $10 a month and as a 4x6 card print for those supporting with $5.  Click here to find my Patreon if you are interested in supporting me. Even if you only pledge $1 a month, you'll still be part of my Discord server.

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Tell me Aleximus, I see Cozy Glow in the picture, what is your opinion on this filly?

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A great villain for the “spoiled little brat” trope, but also very good reform material in my opinion.

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I hope to put these six in my own stuff.

I just don't know how.

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There are plenty of options!

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Such little cuties! ^^ Oh, Cozy, you're here too. =P

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Aw! Adorable Young 6...and Cozy Glow.

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All of these are so adorable! :love: I especially like Yona giving Sandbar a big yak-sized hug. Even chibi yak is big yak! Also, don't think I don't see you plotting there, Cozy! You can't fool me with that cutesy routine. ;P

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I just couldn't get the thought of Yona being sweet on Sandbar in chibi form so I had to put it in this. :3

Couldn't not include Cozy! Even for a naughty little filly, she's still cute! :3

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Oh, definitely! :heart:

Yeah, she may be naughty, but she's very cute while doing so! :D

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Omg they are so cute even cozy I guess

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"Look ma, no wing connections!"

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cool but cozy glow is the evil one

hmmm... worked for Jim Henson and the Muppets...

Hasbro presents MLP's Main 6 Babies (Cozzy is the antagonist so doesn't count)

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So how would that be done?

Well, kinda like MLP FIM or Littlest Pet Shop, only with them as babies (and not pets).

The story could be set in a day-care setting or pre-school, with some episodes spilling out into Poniyville. in most cases, the student 6 try to help other children with friendship problems, while Cozzy is the one causing trouble. One can even add in guest appearances from Princess Twilight and others.

Starlight and/or Trixie would work well as their Nannies/caretakers or their teachers.

Mane 6 Babies, we make our dreams come true

Mane 6 Babies, we'll do the same for you

When your room looks kind of weird

And you wish that you weren't there

Just close your eyes and make-believe

And you can be anywhere...

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Sounds cute, but odd for a choice of new story sets.

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Dawww they all look so adorable, except for Cozy Glow XD

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