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Best Friends Till the End of Time

I now present to you my Picture of the Month for Patreon supporters!  These are my designs for the Mane Six and Spike as they appear in my fanfic series, "Flurry Heart's Story."  This was loads of fun to draw in my new style and I love how the background turned out!

My Patreon is here for anyone who wants to support me: $5 or $10 a month will get you a print in the mail, but even just $1 will get you access to my Patron-only Discord server!

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Aw, cute, love all their poses! :D Your versions of the older Mane Six + Spike are among my favorites on DA!

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As usual, way better than the show's actual time skip. ^^

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Superb job! I like how you used your designs from Flurry Heart's Story, yet it stays true to the original source material. Keep it up, dude!

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Pretty awesome pic Alex!!! :D

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This is really amazing man never forget 🥲

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Amazing work! That chubby Pink and Spike are sooo adorable. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Damn, I love fat Pinkie Pie.

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Always good to see all of them together, still the best of friends even years later. =)

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This is so Heartwarming, I love this!

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magic, loyalty, kindness, generosity, honesty, laughter, CHONKINESS

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Outstanding job. I really enjoyed this. Keep up the good work.

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Rarity and Spike looks like they are looking at each other, possibility they got feelings about each other's figure types.

Rarity: My Spike, what a big belly and bottom you have.

Spike: Rarity, I didn't know you the type who likes Big Guys. Which do you like the best Rare? My belly, my head, or my rump?

Rarity: Why, I love your figure type the best, Spikey Wikey.

Spike: Aw, Rare, that is so sweet of you to say about me.

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I love how they all look great in the background together as Best Friends!

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Awesome pic!!!!!!!
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