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and Ygritte says....

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Who has read the books knows what I mean: the extreme monotony of Ygritte, repeats the phrase always and continuously. Jon Snow has infinite patience ...............
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I find it funny had Jon Snow, who is noted by a Melisandre, who is a literally fucking missionary, to only worship duty and honor, fell in love with a goddamn anarchist. Seriously, even Tormund Giantsbane, I will not spell the rest of his titles, has a greater understanding of how to be civilized. Seriously, how did that happen?
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mooninexHobbyist Writer
I literally just thought "What the fuck?" xD
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GRRM could've really toned down the "You know nothing" but I guess he wanted something for the readers to remember Ygritte by before he killed her off. Unimpressed Girl 
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shiannathecatHobbyist General Artist
this is amazingly amazing.
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Ygritte, things are only funny the first time you say them. After that, it gets annoying.
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jajajajaja, god job!

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At least its that way until its 

"You know nothin' Jon Sn-oh-oh-OH!"

Am I right?
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AlexielAprilProfessional Artist
ahahahah genius
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Yeah, evidently he knows somethin'.
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talisathHobbyist General Artist
It serves as a plot twist. I don't know if you noticed, but Jon Snow knows nothing:D
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DayDreamerSKHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh well... the frst few times i liked thir saying.. but at least... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH :D
Just like "it´s known!" :D
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eclaire291Hobbyist Photographer
Thank god someone else noticed. I thought I was the only one who thought Ygritte was annoying as all get-up.
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shokxone-studiosHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm past the first third of Sword of Storms, and yeah, it's getting real annoying. I hope to god they hit the brakes on that shit in Season Three.
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This is hilarious :D and the drawing is awesome, great detail!
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OddDuckQuackingHobbyist General Artist
It's like her catch phrase. xD
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lilfeather1994Professional General Artist
OMG this is hilarious-love the strong lines and detail, lovely :)
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this made me laugh... :))
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Ahah so true!! Cute drawing :)
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AlexielAprilProfessional Artist
lol thank's
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carolnutsHobbyist Digital Artist

everyone else seems to love it, but I was actually glad when she died ( though I did like her relationship with jon, that guy was a srsly prude)
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AlexielAprilProfessional Artist
Ygritte has made Jon Snow ​​an interesting character, and even his death has contributed
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ernesto1122Hobbyist General Artist
cute and funny! great work!
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Like your draw!!
But, the constant phrase in so many... many ways to tell him is... ah! awesome!
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