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The importance of being F!Inquisitor

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Dorian is gay,Cassandra is straight.....DAMN IT

i still have Cullen...
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Very LOLworthy!
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ardnasthepaleHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so excited when I found out that Cullen would be romanceable.  I had ALL THE MODS for DAO (well, really, just the one where you steal a kiss with him and then he gives you an amulet that my poor mage could not give up the entire game, despite ,or perhaps because of, Alistair romancing her).  It took me four playthroughs of DAI to get him out of my system, and then I had to create a not-Lavellan to be able to do it.  Blackwall adores my Adaar, though, and Josephine is utterly charmed by my male Lavellan.  I need to make a dwarf for Sera and I might even play a human male just for Cassandra, we'll see.  :)  Maybe another Adaar.  :D
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TheRedKnight1223Student Artist
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ha ha...but you can also Josephine XDDDDD i like it XDD
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I find it interesting that the female fan-service is more blatant than the male fan-service.  As in, the men are more obviously pretty than the ladies.  Don't get me wrong, Cassandra is hot, but she's not obviously "sexy."  She looks much more realistic.  Josephine is the only girl obviously designed to look pretty.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Cullen, with their smooth skin and glinting eyes, are as obvious as obvious can be.  And Varric and Iron Bull are walking around shirtless everywhere...
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AlexielAprilProfessional Artist
i find Cassandra super hot!
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Oh she is.  But she's definitely no nerd-bait/fanservice either.  She's sexy, but she's not THE sexy party member.  Her hair's short, she's fully dressed at all times--she's sexy without being loudly so.  She's practical, hard-nosed, and fully-realized as a character.  There's very little stereotype about her.

Contrast this with Cullen.  Also a fully realized character, mind you, but also much more stereotypically handsome.  The game doesn't lose a chance to zoom in on his clean-shaven jaw and sparkling eyes.  He looks like more of a male model than a war-hardened soldier.  Similarly Dorian, who prances around shirtless so you can admire his glistening muscles, and Iron Bull, who is shirtless ALL THE TIME.

It seems, in Inquisition, the developers more obviously pandered to female gamers than to male ones.  Which is really unusual and kind of awesome. 
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I noticed that when I created a male character and wanted to play him as a straight guy.  My options? Cassandra and Josephine.  Out of the two of them, I'd go with Cassandra every time but I do wish there had been more options :(
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freewolf17Hobbyist Writer
A lot of people seemed to be surprised that Dorian was gay... I pegged him as gay form the moment I saw him in the Chantry at Redcliff. His fabulousity said it all...
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LOL!!! I was partly like that. Once I realized Dorian was gay, I was like, 'Are you serious?! WHY?!?!"
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Evolvana Digital Artist
Cullen is the best anyway :XD:
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IstrielHobbyist Traditional Artist
So true !!!
I love this, you made my day, it's perfect
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This is so very accurate xD.
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I feel the pain...

My female Qunari inquisitor will have to admire Cassandra from afar...and secretly write lovely poetry and sneak it to Cassandra somehow :P probably get Varric to do it ;) 
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Hyo38Hobbyist General Artist
or Cole.
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Can't believe I forgot about Cole. But he'd probably be best lol
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NevermoremistHobbyist General Artist
*tilts head* What's wrong with The Iron Bull? *shrug* Also, Josie is right infront of you if you want a girl. Course I like Cullen too lol
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Think you got... some just... *take out a towel an switch place with the document* want that face framed for your private room Inquisitor?
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TitiannaHobbyist General Artist
Josephine swings both ways too. And Sera, she's got
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very funny:D (Big Grin) 
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PunkMikeTaylorHobbyist Digital Artist
She could have Bull too XD or Blackwall!!!
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indv11Hobbyist Writer
Well you just described my entire high school romance experience in the first two frames.
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AlexielAprilProfessional Artist
i hope at least you fall in love with a cully wully^^
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