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Stormtroopers Girls

This painting was a commission for :iconkodonly: back in the summer, posted again with a few tweaks and adjustments.  This cheeky star wars inspired theme was fun to paint, and I can't wait for the new movie.  In this image some pantless stormtroopers have been taken out by a sexy (and equally pantless) Jedi knight.
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Thanks a lot! They are all alive, probably just knocked around with the Jedi's force powers. :D
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That sounds great, I always love seeing Senya or Emma fan art! :D
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You should very quickly photoshop the helmets and number of hairbuns on the girl and just resubmit it as "Rey Vs First Order Troopers!" XD Cash in on the hype, yo!

(Also, as I think I never said it within the comments: AWWWESOME~!)
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That is not a bad idea... I could tweak her outfit and give her her trademark staff :)
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I hope she is commando under the robe ;) Good job here :D
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Like Princess Leia in the slave outfit, this Jedi has no time for underpants :p
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Oh man that's awesome!!! :D
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Seems like they have been stormed through ;)
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Ha! That's for sure, they where no match for a sexy Jedi
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lol That was quite something, that is a great picture dude, you have some serious art skills 
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Cool! Thanks a lot
Judging from the films, the armor seems to have a bad effect on the troopers' aim -- or improve that of the rebels!
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It presents them with a nice shiny white target, as far as I can tell.  It was always my favourite though, and I really like the redesigns in the new movie.
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"Lord Vader, the new uniforms will not provide these stormtroopers adequate protection in battle...ah..."

The Dark Lord stared down at the subordinate. "That does not concern me, commander."

Doesn't concern me, either.=P (Razz)  Another classic pile up of lovely females. Clap 
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Ha! It seems like the stormtrooper armor dose not do much anyway!
But some pervy imperial must have designed this particular variation :P
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Beautiful body piles of female trooper!
May the force be with you ... (I also can not wait to see Star Wars VII)
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Thanks! I think it is going to be awesome too!
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It's lovely! Meow :3 
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I dunno how it took us till 2015 to figure what a brilliant idea this would be, but yeah this is brilliant work.
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