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Art for World of Warcraft TCG
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Me: Heyyy, new demon art! That's pretty nea-

Dick: Ooo, boobies..!

'...Look, she's got hooves bigger then her head!'

'So are THEY.'

'She's a succubus!'

'With a whip'

'She'd eat us alive!'

'Yes please.'

'Jesus... you'd get us killed in this situation, you know that right?'

'Almost certainly... I'm quite happy either way'

Succubus: You have an odd relationship with your thing, you know that?

Yeah, not proud to say I had an almost identical thought/personal conversation. LMAO

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I am playing WOW again with my warlock, with my succubus out.
And this art is really accurate. Well done.Clap 
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Goodnight, everybody "Goodnight Everybody."
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Hello Alex! Do you paint with oil, acrylic? Thx for your time!
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Both, I usually break down the painting in acrylics and then finish off with oils.
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This is still one of my favorite paintings you've made. It has it all, color, balance, movement, sketch lines, it's raw perfection. 
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Thanks, man! I appreciate it!
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Epic. Felwood?
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Thanks! It's from a few years ago, but from what I remember, you're correct, that is Felwood...
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Ah I see. Thanks for interacting. Keep up the amazing work : )
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That's...a uh something...
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Man I love this game
AlexHorley's avatar
Yeah, those Succubus!....;)
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Gotta play a warlock man
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Che bella cicciettina questa diavoletta :iconpervyplz:
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And then you know Kerem Beyit then? Does Blizzard work. Your are good and have style and a sense of humour. Thanks for sharing your great artwork Alex! I'm impressed! Jawdrop 
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Yep, great artworks! Cheers, man , thank you for your comments and appreciation, " stay tuned"!;)
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