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Wow and this is TRADITIONALLY done? This is amazing to say the least.
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Thanks, man! Acrylics and oils on illustration paper, 18x 24”.
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You be like:

"Why the hell would you, people, use all those graphic tablets?"

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Thank you! I use digital occasionally to tweak or fix minor things, i have nothing againstit; traditional art for me is simply more fun and much faster...
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He is my favorite WOW character
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Yeah, he's one of my favorites too! :)
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Epic! I really love all the work you've been doing on the Warcraft IP. Love 
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Thank you, Wayuki! I really appreciate it!:)
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How amazing! I am a dummy! 
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Bad. Ass. Great work fratello.
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Thanks, Sammy!! These guys are bad ass to start with, really enjoyed working on the Warlords!
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Im so confused, is this digital or traditional paining?
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Traditional. It's acrilici and oils on 18x24 heavy paper.
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I love the amount of details you managed to pour into the painting, and I really like the contrast between cold and warm colours! My best congratulations for a great work! :clap:
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Thank you very much! Sometimes the actual environments help for such contrasts...
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Diamine, solo ora vengo a conoscenza che sei italiano!
Perdonami. Rinnovo i complimenti nella nostra madrelingua! :clap:
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Grazie, Lorenzo!!;)
This is so awesome, great work!
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