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Death Dealer

By AlexHorley
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Love your Death Dealer work Alex...they are incredible.
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Thank you Bruce, I appreciate it!
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Everybody has said all the things I wanted to say. When I first saw your artwork, I was sure it was a Frazetta! Well done, man!
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Thanks man! That’s the biggest compliment!! :) 
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Fantastic homage!
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You're welcome!
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Your work reminds of sometimes of Les Edwards, but at other times Larry Elmore and others. You're keeping the best fantasy art alive! Each one of your works is stunning. Great stuff.
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Thanks!! That's a great compliment!!
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Excellent work :clap:
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Little known fact: DD originally stumbled upon his now legendary "faceless" look after using a concealment spell because he shaved his beard too low on the left side one morning. People kept telling him how cool it looked (with their dying breath) & he decided to keep it. That's what Bob Ross would call a "happy accident." Also my father's nickname for me....hmmmmm...
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Man, Frank Frazetta was a badass.
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His page on TV Tropes claims that he ascended to higher plain of existence after tiring of this world. I'm not entirely sure they're exaggerating.
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This brought back some great memories of the Death Dealer novels that I loved as a young adult. Amazing painting. Thanks for sharing!
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Cheers, man! I really appreciate it!
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I love this style of artwork! I would most definitely consider this as a tattoo! :)
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Thank you and welcome to DA!!
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It even has the same kind of Frank...'pose-canon'(?)... I love this one :)
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Thanks, I tried to stick as much as possible to the "source"...;)
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A classic,and an inspiration :)
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