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Art for Rob Zombie's new album's booklet (Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor).
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Undead567's avatar
Fuuuuuuck you draw for Rob that's like HELL'A NEAT
BradLeeCharles's avatar
Do you have prints available of this? your other work? Instagram link please.
AlexHorley's avatar
My Instagram is @alexhorleyartofficial , while for the prints (if there's anything left after Comicon) you can check @
stramp1a's avatar
We have a replacement for Boris! RATZ
AlexHorley's avatar
tojo442001's avatar
Just discovered you today, but I'm a big fan already.  Terrific work, just awesome. 
AlexHorley's avatar
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
robertnuckels's avatar
Speaking for myself, I would LOVE to see more of this kind of thing, but......that's easy for me, i do not have to paint to make my living.  I would love to see another Horley book, this time of paintings ( with some drawings, as well.
AlexHorley's avatar
Thanks, man! I'm working on it, but if I'll get to put together another book, I want it to have mostly new a more " personal" art and less "branded" subjects. And that will take more time, of course...;)
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
AlexHorley's avatar
Thanks! The main basic idea was suggested by Rob, , I then came up with the composition and all the rest...
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Pretty cool that you met rob zombie, keep doing so :).
robertnuckels's avatar
Extravegently horrific !  The Cream of nightmarish vision . a gentle soul with intuitive abilities could stumble upon this opus and curse the Day he gazed upon it.       THE DAY HAS COME WHEN HUMANITY CONFRONTS HIS OWN DOUBLE, and doth not perish in atavistic swooning .........
AlexHorley's avatar
Yep!!....thanks, bro!;)
dillonpringle's avatar
This is amazing, as is all your art! Reminds me of Boris Vallejo but way more up my alley.
AlexHorley's avatar
Thanks, Dillon! And thanks for the faves too!;)
Corzar's avatar
your art work is fantastic i could of faved all of your gallery you wouldn't be a fan of frazetta by any chance because i think his spirt is guiding your brush very well done
AlexHorley's avatar
Hi Corey, thanks for the really kind comment,aim really flattered!
i wish that was true, that would make things much easier! ;) but he definitely is and always will be an endless source of inspiration.
BradLeeCharles's avatar
fucking outstanding!
AlexHorley's avatar
Cheers!! And thanks also for the faves!
Wonderful picture.
SmilinSheckyRimshot's avatar
I've seen girls who don't trim "down there" but this is ridiculous.
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