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X-Factor No. 20

By AlexGarner
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Cover to ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #20. The final issue! Yellowmageddon!!
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powerful and intimidating group
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Terrific ! Love that yellow dominance. Feels fresh and powerful.
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Very cool Cover! Wonderful use of lemon yellow! :D
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likey likey nicey nicey
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I think you just jumped to the level of Modern Master.
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Wow dat yellow.  Great perspetive.
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Why you so Awesome! I am always in awe with your work. :)
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Loving this! Shame it's the Final issue. Great series. What a cover to go out on! BOOM!
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Great cover! Crazy use of that yellow hue, but somehow you managed to pull it off! Totally dig that Warlock.
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So. Flippin. Awesome. :)
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Im not a big fan of yellow but you got it to work well here.. the characters are rendered just enough to look real but they still have these hard features. Goodjob!
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Thanks! The costumes were already very yellow so I decided to have that dictate the whole concept & palette.
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Loving your Polaris. Stunning work as usual, man!
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The yellow really fits :nod:
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With Gambit in it, I've been wanting to pick up the title, but it only seems to have Gambit and Polaris in it for me to be interested in it. :(
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And yet, at the same time, they have managed to hog nearly all the storylines leaving Cypher and Warlock by the wayside.
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Something about the new book just hasn't drawn me in.  So far though, only X-Men has drawn me in, of the X-books and I'm not a fan of the whole cast there.
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Query; does Joybuzzer-friend not know of the glory that is Warlock?
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