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December 26, 2010
Wonder Woman No. 606 by *AlexGarner is incredibly powerful. The strength it shows is admirable, and really conveys the heat of a close combat. Excellent execution!
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Wonder Woman No. 606

Cover to Wonder Woman #606. Just released on DC's blog so I guess I can show it here:


This is my gift to you Jacket-Haters. Merry X-Mas!!
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Bisontom's avatar
Who is she fighting
earthward's avatar
Butwhat if she gets cold!
IronNailAfternoon's avatar
Stunning:) When oh when will there be a Wonderwoman movie?
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papalabas's avatar
Beautiful Fightin' Pic of our beloved Villain-Pray
Lot of good control here over the digital painting, to make it less digital looking, of course!!!
Another new costume for Wonder Woman? Man, I need to read more comics. I'm behind the times.
jwpancer77's avatar
yehhh i like the swit that she have.. its incredible.
DarkStarLolo's avatar
That is ...................... BEAUTIFUL
ReverieRhythm's avatar
Wonder Woman is so epic. TT_TT I love your work!!!
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Oooohhohohohhhooohhh WOW!!! LOVE IT!!! FANTASTIC!!!
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I think baggier trousers would look better, the tight trousers (or pants?) look too retricting. I wonder why they chose those kind of trousers for her new outfit. It can't be very comfortable. I really like teh top half though, the golden straps around her arms and stuff looks REALLY cool. I prefer that to her older one.
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It's important that superheroes never get badly wounded, if they did (or maybe they do on some comics) the magic disappears, so no matter how strong they hit each other only their clothing will get damaged. Yay, clothing damage, Wonder Woman naked! WeeEEEeeE!
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i like that top.
What's the name of a centaur deer? Cervitaur? I like it. Most centaurs are equine
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You're an expert and these intense clash moments. I can just FEEL the impact.
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Excellent, alex. My hat is off to you. I am a fan of WW, but I thought the jacket was just a bit much. I do like the details on her top, though
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