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Wonder Woman No. 604

Cover to Wonder Woman #604

The series writer JM Straczynski wanted a straight-on Da Vinci Vitruvian Wonder Woman cover. This piece combines traditional pencil & ink with digital painting so it was fun to once again pick up a crow quill after so many years. I couldn't resist falling back to my slick aesthetic even though it isn't even close to Leonardo's style of inking. It's not that I couldn't have aped him to some degree, I just didn't feel like going that far into counterfeit.
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You did a really great job with this Da Vinci style cover. I bought it and bought a shirt with this on the front of it.
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Not only is this one of the very best images of Wonder Woman that I've ever seen (and I've seen tons of them), but you made the da Vinci take look clever instead of hackneyed, and it happened to put this version of her costume in its best light.
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Ha! that's awesome! maybe that's what's overlayed on his original if you look at it with the right glasses. he knew about our favorite amazon warrior all along. Wink/Razz 
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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wow :) lost for words!!
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Oh God. This is just, just mind-blowingly brilliant...
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I love her in that costume and the idea is perfect , your art what makes it brights Alex . can you give me some information about this costume.?
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Wonderful piece :) I love the way she seems to be emerging from the drawing - it reminds me of M. C. Escher
needs more Leonardo motif.
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I was surprised by the similarity to the cover of Spider-Man The Other. There you mentioned it was JM Straczynski. He must just like this concept...
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Yeah, I was actually unaware of the Spider-man cover 'til after I did this. It's a JMS thing.
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Clever touch to use the lasso to make the circle.
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WOW Another one of THE most AWESOME pics I've ever seen of WW!!!!!
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This cover is pure genius and, well, I'm one of the few guys that like this new WW restyling more than the original one.
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Great art. I have this issue
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I really do like this costume over her previous one.

Nice job, with the lasso circle idea.
I bet you used pencils of awesomeness and ink pens laden with epictivity to design this.

And yes, "epictivity" is too a word. I wrote it, didn't I?
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Amazing. That goes to show that not only man is perfect. (Disregard the "nobody's perfect" saying)
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I love the Da Vinci Vitruvian Wonder Woman. Cool. Got to love Wonder Woman. :heart::w00t!:
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