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Wonder Woman No. 601

By AlexGarner
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Cover to Wonder Woman #601; the first of five covers I'll be doing.

That's right! It's the new costume that's making fanboys and fashionistas explode with apoplectic rage!! :explosion:
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I photograph and post my figurine collection on my profile. One of them is the statue that DC Direct made based on this cover art. It's one of my favourite figurines and this is one of my favourite covers. I was surprised to find your profile- if I had known , I would have given you a bigger shout- out. I did make certain to give you the design credits, though. Anyway, I'm a fan and glad to see you on this site. Take care!

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WOW!!  This is SO EPIC!!!  Beautiful art work!!!
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Not over fond of the jacket look, but I do love seeing Wonder Woman with trousers on. Not that I don't think she could do with some covering on her arms, I just don't like a leather jacket is very her. She's royalty, get that woman some shoulder armour.
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I love this outfit. She looks so badss. It's way more attractive than the one-piece which was a fashion travesty in my opinion. really is so freakin' cool.
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Love this outfit, too!  Giving her legs a little more coverage and the quilted leather jacket brings her more into the 21st Century.  And the half-finger gloves under the bracers is a great touch to her awesome display.  Give yourself a pat on the back.
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I love this! For once she's modest and looks great!
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One ugly costume but you made it look good
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I prefer this costume to the original. Nothing can stay the same forever and remain relevant. I love your artwork. How did you get this good?
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I've been searching for this issue for a long time!!! I could never find it! Beautiful Art! You are an amazing artist! Hopefully i'll be able to snag a copy of it somewhere soon for my collection. 
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Costume is great...but need hot anatomy & face...Confused 
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This is a woman who stands tall and proud and inspires everybody.
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best ww costume EVAR!
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O thank God she finally has pants!  What is with superheros?  Men wear their underwear over their pants and girls just don't wear pants at all. XD

She looks hot.  I'd wear that.  Loving the jacket.  Only draw back.  You can't see her sexy muscles.
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Seriously!? What the hell was wrong with this costume? That jacket is awesome!
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I love the new costume!
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I don't get it. I like the new costome. I'd probably a star patten on the pants, but I kinda like this. Superman and a lesser extent's Batman's resdesign peeved me.
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I would pay millions of dollars to see this in the upcoming Justice League movie.. and a movie all of her own!!!!! That is, if I had any money... Maybe I can make WW game someday when I'm into game production! 
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i really like this version, and i'm a total WW fanboy. awesome work! :nod:
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I think the costume is extremely attractive, practical, and suits her job. It shows that Diana is not just a sex object, but a force to be reckoned with.
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I have the comic that this is for and I have to say that the outfit is one of the best I've seen because it's functional and soooooo much better than the typical bare all costume
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It seems like this is an unpopular opinion, but this is actually my favorite Wonder Woman costume. I don't know why it gets so much hate.
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Because it is not her usual BDSM costume, and fanboys don't like change... You think I'm joking about the BDSM thing, but her creator had it in mind when he created her (he was a bondage enthusiast)
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