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Unrelenting Death Knight

From the Warcraft trading card set

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Frost DK Thoughts on Death Siphon - Warlords of Draenor…

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I'll be back. <on summon>

Cannot control! <at attack command>

Summoned by Gothik the Harvester in the Curse of Naxxramas in Hearthstone.
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might just be a random dk, but he looks alot like thassarian XXDDD
twin broth or something lolz jk ??? =P
awesome pic =D
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Ok, Im very serious about this, can you teach me how to draw a little bit on drawing characters please?
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Love the coloring and the details of his expression. Awesome work!
Really awesome. Dunno if it is supposed to be Thassarian but he is one of my favorites too and I love the piece either way.
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Thanks! He's just a random DK.
Death Knights in the firelands...

...Better go frost.
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lemmie guess........Thassarian?
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I bet even Arthas would flinch at the sight of Thassarian comming for him like this
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Thanx! Appreciate Detailing.
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This is some amazing work! O_O
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Uh oh... :noes: Ally!
Is it dead? :< *get one-shotted* ¬¬

Awesome drawing :la: Now I'm even more terrified of Human DKs! :dummy:
awesome. that's one really pissed DK in his starting armor lol. wonder if you did darion mograine if it would include his incredible armor. hope you do. lol
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So so amazing!
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Great! It looks like one of my characters... Fav!
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WoW! great work !
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Fantastic work...
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Beautiful work of color and textures althought the hand that takes the sword don't looks like powerfull, so looks a little enforced, I think, but the paint it's amazing!
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Thats pretty cool!
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that's cool!!!!
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