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Teen Titans - Lost Boys

By AlexGarner
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Quickie cover. Ton of fun to do. Part of DC Comics Classic movie poster themed variants. The others are at the link below. Really cool work by some very talented artists:

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:iconfeaturedsignplz: This piece has been featured in... Are You Super? - Vol. 15
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This was my favorite one :) I didn't realize it was your work!  I'm such a sucker for Lost Boys. :P
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I love it! Amazing concept!
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Got to love the titans when they save the day they do it in style
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so whos in the team cuz i know thats nightwing , bunker, bumblebee, & raven but who the other 2
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That's not nightwing its Red robin aka tim drake and that isn't bumblebee that is the new powergirl and for the other 2 its cassie sandsmark wonder girl and beast boy right next to her
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o ok cool guess i looked at it wrong
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"Never die" for Tim sure but don't tell that to Jason and Damian. ;)

But seriously love this cover, one of my favorites from the move poster variants, can't wait to pick it up later in the year. :)
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hahaha, poor Jason and Damian even though Jason came back :'(
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Damian's back too, at the end of last year actually, had super powers for about two months but doesn't any more cause status-quo I guess. :XD:
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Oh, I think I need to do some catching up XD
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This is so awesome! My mullet grew just by staring at this :D :D :D
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Alex, it's incredible this use of pure colors (yellow on previous cover) and red on this one. Amazing!
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Very nice play on a classic.
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Just luv it!! :iconflyingheartsplz:
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awesome cover. I can't wait Dansu plz  for the Teen Titans show to air
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This is great! :D
Very good! Clever mash-up.
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