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September 2, 2016
Justice League No.13 by AlexGarner
Featured by JonathanWyke
Suggested by Kida-neechan
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Justice League No.13

Cover to Justice League #13.

Lot of fun to paint these iconic characters but difficult to squeeze them all in together in a cohesive manner that worked with Wonder Woman and Cheetah; the editors ended up picking the layout I thought they were going to reject. I employed a hell of a lot of directional rhythms here. Perhaps too many.
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Ltdan9's avatar
Intense look, nice!
toriumiart's avatar
great image, yet i feel  that the form of Cheetah could have more of a curved line,her pose is bit stiff i guess?  and the cheetah's head is a bit too big but overall great image :D
AlexGarner's avatar
Thanks but I painted this cover over 4 years ago so I would completely redo the whole thing today. A bit beyond a critique now.
toriumiart's avatar
yeah XD hahaha when i posted the comment i just saw the date of the picture
AlexGarner's avatar
gvsgdude89's avatar
I have the Throne of Atlantis paperback with this in it.
yumemiruart's avatar
this is so cool, the detail is awesome
KenLit's avatar
tension is good, tension is awesome! :)
BeastTamerGirlz's avatar
Wonderwomans looks like she's gonna punch that cheetahs into another world
Skipperthe13th's avatar
Can someone tell me who is who ? :D only know 3 so far
grimmerr's avatar
You've got Wonder Woman and Cheetah fighting and Superman is just behind Wonder Woman, behind Superman is Cyborg, then you've got Batman, Flash and Aquaman in the bottom left behind Cheetah
NOVAqueen888's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sydpart2's avatar
Wow this has a real Alex Ross feel to it, that's about the highest praise I could think to give a comic cover.
idreamofgenie's avatar
Awesome work.  This reminds me of some of the old-school comic book covers, where there was *almost* too much going on in the picture (not a criticism of this one--I think that works fine for something like this!); and the moment of greatest intensity or peril was captured, that got the reader dying to buy the issue!  :)
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Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
tdickensheets's avatar
Look like Alex Ross art. 
Plejman's avatar
Batman, Superman, Aquamen, Flash BACK OFF! Don't you know to never EVER interrupt a cat-fight!?
btdunahee's avatar
Cat lady is totally skewed look at all super Herod bout to dog pile day pussy😉
michael57's avatar
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