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Justice League N0. 40 Variant

By AlexGarner
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Cover to Justice League #40 showing Darkseid, Anti-Monitor, and Metron.

I went for a Bob Peak movie poster look with Tron Legacy design elements. I revamped the floating chair within the constraints of its existing design so it'd match Justice League artist's Jason Fabok's cool Tron-inspired redesign of Metron.

If you don't know the great Bob Peak, well, he's just awesome. The Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster he did long ago was chief in inspiring this cover and his Excalibur movie poster resonated throughout my childhood.
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Anti-Monitor looks too much like DC's Thanos
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awesome work
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wow i really like your designs and im very impressed, would you mind if i use some of them ??
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Sol-Caninus General Artist
Bob Peak! There's a name I haven't heard in a long time.  Really big in the 60s and 70s.  Couldn't look at a magazine rack without seeing his work and those trying to imitate it.  Faculty or board member of the FA group.  Really strong designs.
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I'm the webmaster for and your this piece is excellent. Nicely done. 
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I was sooo jealous from the US market, because we usually just got one cover (and particularly speaking, never the ones I want Hahah), but was so happy to see that they chose your art as cover for Justice Legue 40 when it was published here in Brazil last month . Amazing work!!!
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I used to think that those are teeth on the Anti-Monitor's mouth but it turns out to be super wrinkly lips on closer inspection.
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bdawkweaponxHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's sick
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joeFJProfessional Digital Artist
Definitelt one of the best artworks I've seen on DA this year
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awesome stuff man keep it up!
BLACKPANTHER67Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jaw-droppingly good!!!
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MTF40Student Digital Artist
Beaaaaautiful work!  I'm literally amazed, and happy birthday sir!!
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DanLuna General Artist
Looking forward to this story
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May I just say, your art is the stuff of legends! 
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gunswordfistStudent Traditional Artist
You've certainly Garner'd my attention with this great art.
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felsorockerProfessional General Artist
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Your art is marvelous friend especially the JusticeLeague's ones! Can it be shared? Ty, greets!
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This is fantastic...
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rostridgeHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work! Love the symmetry.
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The ruler of the Anti-mater universe VS the New god of Evil with a New god of time to chronicle these events truly tis will be a fight to behold assuming you live long enough to see who is victorious
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RyanWinnProfessional Traditional Artist
This is now tattooed into my mind. Thank you for this imagery Alex.
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KaedegirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really badass and Darkseid never looked so powerful and menacing!
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