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Horde Betrayer

From the Warcraft trading card set

World of Warcraft and all related material copyright © Blizzard Entertainment
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Forsaken rogue: You'll make a good corpse to serve the Dark Lady.
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This is what undead do best... betraying allies!
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-Traitor!(C)Star Wars:The Force Awakens
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That's what i do to belves in bgs :B  It makes me happy...
FatPigRidingABoar's avatar
Shiv. Seems like a bad card.
Levghast's avatar
Oh yes kill the blood elf please :D
itzaspace's avatar
miracle rogue :D
MauroSep's avatar
I love it! I don´t know why but I hate blood elves.
Grayphus's avatar
Remember Theramore!
Ingkells's avatar
oh snap! owned! nice work man XD
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Yup, that's why I love rogues, especially undead from the Horde.
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"Sorry, pal, but the Alliance has dental"
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Anime-Nightmare-13's avatar
omg thats awesome.........poor blood elf
exocolumn's avatar
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the expression blew me away
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Eh, nobody likes blood elves anyway. xD

Love your works!
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Everyone but you love Blood elves. Many horde players play as BL.
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thats not nice <o. o> lol i dont care i like worgen
AkitoKuryu's avatar
D: Don't hurt the pwetty Blood Elf!
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love your action on the image. His face look so pain.
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