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Green Arrow No. 6

By AlexGarner
Cover to Green Arrow #6
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© 2010 - 2021 AlexGarner
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Awesome bro ..So bad ass 💪💪💪
The Green Wolverine looks good haha
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Love this! Great job on including a Wolverine thing! :)
The-Mistress-of-Time's avatar
Dude. Is it just me or is he totally doing the Wolverine thing?
AlexGarner's avatar
Totally. For some weird reason, the editor specifically asked for it.
The-Mistress-of-Time's avatar
That is freaking hilarious! Awesome art! Just mind blowingly good!
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
Love the mysterious and deadly look on his face! Great job!
edi19982's avatar
Reminds me of assassins creed.
Phenometron's avatar
He's a great marksman.
Technocron01x's avatar
"Hey Wolverine! Now we're even!"
kozmosindigo's avatar
jurojin865's avatar
Great work keep it up.
RockerRainMarie's avatar
Fanofart101's avatar
I love your work. All of them Keep up the Great Work!
1HeavenRising1's avatar
how do you make these they are stunning and It doesn't look drawn to me 
bauel's avatar
Stipes00245's avatar
Yes, one of the best DC Superheroes! Cool Pic!
thornyplant's avatar
Brilliant holding of the arrows akin to wolverine's adamantium claws!
alex these are amazing could you please make a tutorial for them?
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sealgirl922's avatar
This is so great!
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