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Death of Wolverine: Logan's Legacy No. 6

By AlexGarner
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Cover to Death of Wolverine: Logan's Legacy #6
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what the... THAT'S AWESOME!
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just WOW  LOVE THOSE LINES, on top , the colour s
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Yes it is a nice piece of cover art.
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Did she steal his claws?
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As if Mystique needed to be any more dangerous, now she has CLAWS. :P
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Strong, nay mighty!
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This cover art is extraordinary.
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Very nice.. Good job!  Faved!
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Awesome dude ......
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Stunning work Alex!  Geez!
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oh and one last question.. do you use reference for your pieces? and if so to what extent?
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I do sometimes to try and get lighting correct. I'll use an amalgamation of reference photos, including pics of myself for both men and women characters.
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You are so very talented!! what was the most helpful thing as an artist, specifically a painter,  that you did to get were you are? did you do a lot of life studies or anything like that? I just find myself in a rut not knowing how to get better or what to study. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Thanks! I'm self-taught and I practice and study other artists a lot. It's all about time and effort.
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wait ... wolverine died..... WHEN THE HELL THAT HAPPEN!?
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