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Bioshock Infinite

I had such a fun experience with the Portal 2 fan piece, I decided to go further and paint a bigger one for the upcoming game BioShock Infinite. This game's set design and characters are amazingly well done, especially Elizabeth; she doesn't have that dead-eye lifeless look you seen in so many video game characters. To see what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and check out the 15 minute gameplay trailer. The action is insane:


Anyway, because I'm a big JC Leyendecker fan and the game takes place during his legendary Saturday Evening Post cover stint, I decided it would be cool to do a parody issue on the city of Columbia with the two main characters as the center. But after drawing my layout, I discovered that the smart folks at Irrational Games had ALREADY done this concept with a few Post parody Game Informer covers. But to me they didn't look particularly like Leyendecker's art, who had such a distinctive style, so I said screw it and just moved forward with my original design. Now, my version doesn't necessarily look like Leyendecker's stuff either (i.e. no where near as good), but I did try make it recognizable as such in the very least while still throwing in my personal stylistic touches.

A few notes: The was only one piece of online reference for the main protagonist, Booker, so this is more my personal interpretation of him. As for Elizabeth, I wanted the paranoia of Songbird's pursuit to resonate in her pose so that's why she's looking skyward. Columbia was done in all-gold because I wanted the city to look like an idealized El Dorado floating in the sky which also accomplished having the character colors pop.

As for how long this took? No idea. I nibbled away on it for like an hour a day in between work projects. Total blast to do. Thinking of my next piece now...
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Love this, so beautifully done. 
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So this is where the picture originated!!! :D I'm glad I finally found it, I've loved this picture for a while now but could only find it on Pinterest and whatnot. :P Very well done! Love the style and the dynamic pose, I'm actually making a picture with my characters Fledge and Marian based on this. I've been wanting to find it so I could link it back. '^_^
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You can almost see the headline: "The False Shepherd Kidnaps The Lamb! What Now for Columbia?"
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Thank you so much for letting me use your picture for my video! Here's the finished product -…
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I'm working on a cover of "God Only Knows" from Bioshock Infinite for my YouTube channel and I'm looking for fan art to feature on the video.  May I use this?  I will credit and link to you, of course.  I'm running on a tight deadline, so a response within the next 24 hours would be deeply appreciated.

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Sure go ahead! Thanks for asking.
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Sweet - thanks! I'll share a link to the video when it's ready. :)
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Awesome, I love it
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"This picture looks so professional good job".  That's because it is professional!  Artwork like this could be published in any publication and/or marquee.
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Do you sell prints? 
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This picture looks so professional good job
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Elizabeth still has her pinky?
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It's a back to the future type of thing
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Fantastic work! 
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Would you mind if I put this on my Tumblr page? I really like it.
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Sure! Be my guest :)
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Thanks so much! I love how you captured the early 20th century feel of the game with your choice of color palette.
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beautiful picture. this game is awesome. but very high violence, but it`s not without succes only from usk 18 .
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Gorgeous. Also this is my favorite rendering of Booker.
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You should totally be selling prints of this.!! Need one for my wall.
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