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Batman No. 25

By AlexGarner
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My variant cover to Batman #25.

Not my best art but perhaps my personal favorite composition to date. My editor's only requirement was that I couldn't explicitly show Batman's first generation costume which certainly made this assignment a tricky puzzle to work out. Had a lot of fun with this one.

In this Zero Year storyline, Batman is just starting his crime-fighting career and having to deal with a Gotham City in blackout prior to a major storm; lots of police zeppelins cruising the sky on lookout. The negative space the city and Batman are framing is a more abstract nod to the villain's name and looming danger ahead. 

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I was wondering if I could use this pic on an altered box for my son? Thanks Debi
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Are the fingertips of his right hand unusually flat, or is my eyesight shot? (I'm guessing the latter, but...)

Excellent work yet again, and clever use of the zeppelins and skyline. A great artist sometimes distinguishes himself not only with how he draws, but what he draws and how he lays it out.
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They're flat. Just trying to make them more glove-like. Thanks!
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This is genius.  Really!!!
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"He's the hero Gotham deserves, and also the Hero it needs.  Beware people of the night, for your feast on the fears of the fearful and innocent is nearly over.  From this moment forth...none of you are safe."

A Dark Knight if ever I saw one, great job!   
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He commands respect this way.
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woah dat skull!! compliments
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I love the "wholeness" of this one I hate doing backgrounds but you turned it into part of the art instead of filler great stuff!!
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Thanks! I hate backgrounds too so this one was unique for me.
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Niiiice, I love the skull/blimps thing. 
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This is fucking epic Dude!
Is this also in print available?
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i love that the zeppelins form a skull with the negative space. very cool concept, and very artistically done all around. *fav* as usual.
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I love the perspective and coloring. A lot of drama in this one. Good stuff.
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How I missed the police Zeppelins! Well done Alex!
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Amazing! I love that skull from zeppelins!
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Aw man, I love this, this should have been the actual variant cover for #25. Well done man, this is just beautiful artwork. Great Job!
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