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Batman Eternal No. 20

Cover to Batman Eternal #20
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wowzerz !!! i  love this one
excellent montage and coloring choice
pullmonaria moonflower pullmonaria 
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i LOVE IT!!!!!
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What's Walter White doing in Gotham!?
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That's fucking fantastic!
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This is beautiful!! :clap:
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Great blending of elements
worldbreaker9's avatar
What do the prison numbers on Gordon's shirt mean?
AlexGarner's avatar
It's my zip code :P
Tako-Yakida's avatar
It's a serial number. Prisoners get numbers instead of names. I think the number also helps organize where in the prison they get placed.
worldbreaker9's avatar
I was asking if the numbers were random or are they some kind of easter egg.
Tako-Yakida's avatar
Oh, I get it. That I do not know. :-/
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Whit which programm do you work to set the colour and effects? :) Its a really nice work! :D I am specially interrested in how you made the background. I think that's the most difficult thing while drawing something :S
AlexGarner's avatar
All photoshop!
FroThinksSoToo's avatar
Can you make a tutoril for colouring? Because I just got started with photoshop and I don't really get how people can draw that good with the program...xD
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Awesome pic.  It was pretty wild seeing this in person at Comic Con.  Glad you were in attendance.  Keep up the outstanding work!
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Great to see you! Thanks!
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God I thought it was Walter White >>' Sorry Jim _^_ Love this art anyway lol.
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