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Batman Eternal No. 19

By AlexGarner
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Cover to Batman Eternal #19

First cover using a new painting technique. Had a lot of fun with this one and, as of today, I'm still pleased with the result, which is a rarity for me.
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punch a image of the joker
hahahahhohohohohooh ah batgirl u missed again hahahahahahah
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These are some serious art work. You can almost feel the motion!
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Love the low "camera" angle. 
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really great art and amazing technique I am a dummy! 
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What is the new technique you are using? Besides pure awesomeness.
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The Red Hood is a formidable opponent.
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Amazing and cool 

Thank you

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Awesome. Digital painting rocks! I've tried using a wacom tablet but my hand just cramps up on the stylus, lol.
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....This. This is basically everything I could want in a cover.
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Nice action sequence! Cool special effects and snappy lighting!
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Eternal has been excellent thus far and I love the idea that a cover featuring Babs and Jason includes The Joker, even if he's only there in spirit. Fantastic stuff. :)
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Beautiful, and Batman Eternal is excellent
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Your work never ceases to amaze!
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Boobs and butt??? Escher girl present!!!!1!  Not the worst one I've seen.  At least she's got her hand on something to push her body like that.
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very nice Love Clap 
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Really like the ghostly Joker addition in this cover!
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your art is seriously too perfect! wonderful work, i love the emotions you're able to transmit, your gestures are always amazing :)
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