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Batman Eternal No. 18

By AlexGarner
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Cover to Batman Eternal #18.

Rushed at the end to finish this up and now I see a ton of things I want to change. Ugh. Hate that. Just gotta keep moving forward...
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This is freaking great!!  Excellent!!!
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Killer Croc is vicious. >)
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Love this one!
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Very cool and moody!
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Out-Freaking-Standing Love this you can feel the danger and fear Wow!!
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Great cover! Very clever to use the flashlight to highlight Croc's face. Super facial expressions all the way around as well!
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wonderful cover! your faces are always stunning :)
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Why are you so amazingly awesome.... :worship: 
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In the thumbnail preview, I thought that was Slimer from Ghostbusters!  Then I saw Batman and thought "Well that's going to be a wild crossover!"

Bruce ain't afraid of no ghosts

(yes I know its Croc now that I see the full image)
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Your covers are the best. Just sayin'.
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chillin'-luv it man!!
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Incredible cover the atmosphere and colors are stunning, awesome work. 
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This is so flippin good.
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That lighting is epic. So good.
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Wow! So this is the enemy hiding beneath the asylum
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love the lighting!
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Fantastic! You should be pleased (although I get the impulse to "go back and fix"- it's that kind of drive that makes you as incredible as you are) ;-)
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Thanks! It's what also makes me miserable at times ;)
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