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Batgirl No. 26

Cover to Batgirl #26
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Jim already know she is Batgirl. He known for years just been keeping quiet about it.

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God this is just SO Gorgeous!! 
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This is one of my favorite covers of all time 
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Maybe I already commented somewhere, but... out of all the Batgirls I've seen, this is the one that has the most Dina Meyer swag in it.
the 'hi dad' he never wanted to hear!
great picture~!
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My favorite cover.
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¡¡¡ME ENAMORE!!! ♥
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The angle of this is so perfect. Jim doesn't even realize it.
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Coolest Batgirl cover, ever!
Fire, very well executed. 
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An absolute fave!
that expression on here face is perfect.
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Milla Jovovich aproves! :D
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Shoot her, Shoot Her, SHOOT HER!
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Amazing work! Awesome scene
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Dude I love your work! I read the comic book and found all of your work as well. Great job!
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Thats pretty cool piece of art!
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AAAAAHHH this cover MADE me buy that book! it was really compelling!
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Such an amazing comic cover! Love the details in everything, especially the expressions!
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