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Action Comics No.889

By AlexGarner
Cover to Action Comics #889

My first cover (hopefully of many) for DC Comics. From the DC blog:

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Beautiful work. Positively divine. Well done.

However, I'm glad they're both out of commission (Flamebird is dead and Nightwing's in the Phantom Zone as a kid again) To be honest, I never really approved of the relationship. It's creepy since it was based on some mind meld that lasted for no more than five seconds. Nightwing's a six year old boy who was physically aged up due to his wacky genetics courtesy of his birth in the Phantom Zone and Flamebird's a religious fanatic in her 20's. By all Earth accounts, Flamebird's some kind of quasi-pedophile (quasi because his body is matured to his teens instead of his mind or actual chronological age) trying to get with this kid to fulfill some religious prophecy. No matter how deep the love between individuals it just seemed wrong on all other accounts. 

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wow this is awesome
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Hey guys please check my account
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How is it even virtually possible to create such an awesome piece? How long did it take? Forever?
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Plus one more day.
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Nice! very well done!!
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i wish i could draw like that
Very interesting.
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Now that's talent!...
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Wow!! I love that <3
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Love this! Great work
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Nice! Love it and congratulation Alex!
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That's so awesome. I don't follow comics much, but your work definitely belongs on covers
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its thanks to dc that im in to comics and doing comic book art and story for my dc earth 14 idea
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This is just awesome. You deserve to be making covers for DC comics and many more in the future. I hope to do so in the future as well, but I know that'll take lots and lots of hard work. Keep it up!
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Thanks! Hopefully that'll happen for both of us :)
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