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Windows 10 7-Zip theme

By alexgal23
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7-Zip themes

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so nice thanks!

thanks , 2020 still sweet

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there will be an update in style win 10x...

thanks! )))

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Ooo, I can't wait! Is there any way for us to check your progress on it?

Awesome work! Thank you!

can we make this work for latest version of 7zip?

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Fantastic work! It really perplexes me how 7-zip's OOTB icons are still fugly in the year 2018...
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Looks awesome, I hope this gets updated to support the 18.0 beta of 7-zip.
funciono muy bien, en windows 10. Gracias. 2017-07-31 17-17-12 by javh55   2017-07-31 17-17-12 by javh55  
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Thanks! Looking good!

But, you last format *.squashfs
Hi, I have a problem with the bonus part... I managed to edit it successfully! however, I just can't replace the original .dll

I tried using "Take Ownership" conext menu and Resource Hacker (from desktop to the Windows folder) and nothing, it keeps saying that I need permissions. I changed permissions to the file itself and now says that I need permissions from another folder and so on...

Do you have any idea? /:
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hello! ))
edit !ALL! comctl32.dll that is greater than 1mb

... !ALL! dll  -  3-5
I know, but it doesn't let me save the changes
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Full Access - folder where is comctl32.dll
windows 7? 8? 10? ...86? 64?
Sorry for the late reply... 

Yeah, I'm using Win 10 Pro 64bits
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Love both the toolbars and icons! But the SquashFS icon is the only one which not changes after the patch. I'm using the latest 7zip x64 on Win 10.
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try renaming icon - sqfs in the squashfs ))
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This looks AMAZING!  I assume it will work with 8.1 too?  If not, can you PLEASE adapt it for 7zTM?
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this installation  for all win)
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Honestly, i'd MUCH prefer this as a theme for 7zTM like the rest of your themes...would you mind adapting it?
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ok! ...soon  + little bonus for you))
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how do i install?
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