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SkinPack Nox vs Windows 8






Special Thanks:






Download here - Link


For Win 7

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MS Office documents all have a background that is way too dark to work with. Can this be disabled?
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hmm you is funny! malware and other surprise in this pack!!!!!!!!!!
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Tried to only install icons, and here's the result:

Capture by Y-N-1-F  

Plus I can't run most of my programs now, getting "File system error (65535)"-----WTF. 

Last time I try any of these. Luckily I have Acronis True Image, which I'll have to run from the Startup Recovery F11 option.....
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I am sorry, but I do not know the reason for the error
...better to not use this packet
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It more than likely is some kind of short-circuit between my chair and my computer, my friend! LOL

No worries. I do wish however that some talented fellow like you would make a 7tsp icon-pack with the icons featured? I would try it myself, but I've never fooled with creating 7tsp installers and don't really have the time.

Thanks for responding!
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Icons please!!! I am a dummy! La la la la Love 
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Have a look at these:…

You'll need the 7tsp program also:
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Your art work is very nice Alex. I would love being able to use your themes on my system. It would be a preventible. You are a talented artist. But seriously you have to get the infection problem fixed. Is there a way in which you could use a different method to install it? Another program? Yes I had to format my drive and re-install my system. Problems were noticeable straight away, my PC begun to act incoherently. I have a brand new system:…
Yes I was careful not to intentionally install any of the unnecessary applications by "Skipping" through the installation wizard.
Keep your head up!
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Before I re-install my operating system. I just wanted to stop by here to warn everyone that this download in infected with viruses. Real shame because the artwork it's very nice. This shouldn't be allowed to be on DevArt. When you upload apps here they should be 100% clean.
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frankly unpleasant to read these lines
I'm really sorry, believe me!


I spoke to the author SkinPack with a request to remove the installation of third-party software
but it remained without proper attention


and please be more attentive
at the beginning of the installation written warning
you probably have not read it
just press the button - Skip
and there would be problems

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I am sorry, but I can not agree with you
This package works well with 8.1, it is checked!
package is intended for the original OS
not for third-party assemblies ))
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you're right!

no virus in the installer
and never will be ))))

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Just Skip Those Ads

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Отличный пакет оформления, жаль только нету достойной темы на Win8 для этих иконок. Спасибо!
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...даа! насчет темы оочень соглашусь! ))

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I like the Nox* series very much!
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This looks awesome. Thanks for the time and effort.
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