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Glyfz 2016 Mini Win10 IconPack

By alexgal23
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Support: Windows 10 - x64/x86

! Installation -  only icons !


! Warning - some icons do not contain the size 256х256 !

! Made in styles Office 2016 !


How to Remove


Glyfz 2016 Mini Win7



the icon Windows Defender (EppManifest.dll) can be replaced
but after replacing the icon pops up a message -
a violation of the integrity of the file


© 2016 - 2020 alexgal23
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Have been using since release, recently upgraded to W10 1803 and lost the icons. 
Reinstalled...but: the icons "theme" on W10 1803 but the downside is, it somehow disables the start menu.  Had to uninstall to retain the start menu.

Any plans to port to 1803?

BTW - awesome icon pack!!
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Please Update for Windows 10 1803 
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ITS possible make silent install

If yes what the Silent Install Switches

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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there is a bug when i open window and after that any .txt file open and close, mouse cursor seems to be busy when hovers this window after closing the notepad
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I really love your works. But all of your icon pack now (imageres.dll) was design for no ribbon (ribbon disable in windows explorer). Can you add/change icon in ribbon too, because in Windows 10 File explorer custom ribbon icon will be cool. I like your old icon pack Pure Flat 2014, because is has custom ribbon icon. Customize ribbon icon in the next pack please. Thank you very much.
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Does this work on Win 8.1 as well? Please confirm
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... only -

Support: Windows 10 - x64/x86 

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Please, I would like to know if I can use Stardock IconPackager for installing this icon pack. Thank you very much for your attention.
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you are welcome! use ))
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Perfect pack +fav :happybounce: Rage Love La la la la I am a dummy! Clap 
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