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Flat Color W10 IconPack

By alexgal23
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Support: Windows 10 - x64/x86

! Installation -  only icons !


☆ ☆


How to Remove


For Win 7/8/8.1

© 2015 - 2020 alexgal23
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Will you make something like that but in monochrome?

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Thanks for sharing

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I love it. But after install Flat Color W10 IconPack the videos icon preview show a green square on the preview. It is annoying. I tried to understand. It appears only to videos when preview is on. I hope you can help! thank u

Annotazione 2020-03-02 200432
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Any solution to this issue?

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I loved it
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used to work fine but fried my system after a fresh install
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I love this icon pack but unfortunately, I just format my computer and install the last version of Windows 10 and it broke Start Menu and all Windows stuff (I can't open the remove Windows tool to remove this pack).
I tried it thrice : I install Windows then install Nvidia Drivers and the icon pack and it breaks Windows :(
So I hope that is a temporary bug because this pack is awesome.

Edit : I have the 1083 version of Windows.
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This KILLED my Start Menu!  Had to do a system restore to fix it.  😡
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The icon installer fried my Windows installation. Black screen on every boot. Granted, I didn't follow the instructions to the letter, but a simple icon pack installer shouldn't be able to do that... Waiting on my Windows reinstallation right now...
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mastermoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Does icons works with win10 1703 Creators edition?
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this pack is for all versions win10
"RTM" - do not pay attention )))
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how can i download it
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How I install this theme. Can anyone help me?
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this is not a theme
this installation only icons ))
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good awesome bro
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hi, Where can i Get that 'Start' Orb and Wallpaper?
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wallpaper - download file RAR
opbs -…
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before all thanks to alexgal23 for this excellent pack only has a problem and very large and is not that reason only allows installation because if you uninstalled or restore the pc and can not reinstall this iconpack then displays a message. is the route specified batch ... after searching look too closely incontre a solution to install this iconpack ...
1 7tsp iconpack install the installer tool
2 we place the exe file and extract its contents iconpack with win rar or other tool extraction of the extracted elements ... go to the folder and it resourses to system 32 if sysWOW64 32-bit or 64-bit if in it will copy to another folder with the name resourses and .dll.res files in that folder timedate.cpl.res rename files removing the .res and leaving them .dll
3 within the icon pack ver.ini copy the file to the folder where you have .. .dll files and rename the file as .ini deve pack.ini..el point left out of the resourses folder after compress these files win rar or other tool .. have .7z file format
4 The initial name of the file to be 7stp_ (name they wish) otherwise the program will not recognize
5 open the program icon pack add ..install
6 sorry for my bad English
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why we dont have anything for the final version (or the latest) of windows 10?

i can't stand that white on default theme xD
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this pack is for all versions win10
"RTM" - do not pay attention )))

you can use any dark visual style
for example -…
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such an awesome work! Thanks for sharing!!! :hugh:
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Kole2323Hobbyist Digital Artist
The theme doesn't seem to want to install, but when I checked my programs it was on the list but nothing happened. Then I did a system restore because I was getting the error message "checking the files for update... The system cannot find this hatch label specified-Reboot2" every time I tried to install the theme. Please help me, thanks in advance.
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please - notes!  )))
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