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A day in Sulfurs' lives :iconalexg47:Alexg47 2 0
No Ref Drawings 2018 by Alexg47 No Ref Drawings 2018 :iconalexg47:Alexg47 8 0 Art Trade - Ryu's O by Alexg47 Art Trade - Ryu's O :iconalexg47:Alexg47 5 2 Minish Contest Entry by Alexg47 Minish Contest Entry :iconalexg47:Alexg47 2 1
Random PA shipping drabbles pt7
Zr x Hf + Ti
Zirconium: Titanium, I think my relationship with Hafnium is getting worst than it already is.
Titanium: Really? But you two are so nice, what’s the worst that can happen?
Hafnium: We break up.
Zirconium: I throw him into traffic. Also we're not technically dating yet so we can't break up.
Al x Ti
Aluminum: There's one thing I’m truly terrible at, that the other elements are better at me at- er, wait, better at me than at- BETTER THAN ME AT-
Titanium: Speaking.
Aluminum: Y-yes, that. *sweat drop*
S x Au + Ag
Gold: Ugh, Sulfur tried hitting on me again, she says I'm "cute af" which I assume means "and fun", but-
Siver: Aww, it does not.
Gold: Oh. And to think I had a whol
:iconalexg47:Alexg47 0 0
DTPAY - AL!O by Alexg47 DTPAY - AL!O :iconalexg47:Alexg47 6 0
PA language levels
Hydrogen: Danish (A2)
Helium: French (B1), Greek (A1)
Lithium: Spanish (B2), Lithuanian (A1)
Beryllium: French (A2), Spanish (A1)
Boron: French (A2)
Carbon: Afrikaans (B2)
Nitrogen: Scottish Gaelic (B1), French (A1), German (A1)
Oxygen: Polish (B1)
Fluorine: French (C1), Greenlandic (B1)
Neon: Scottish Gaelic (A1)
Sodium: French (A2)
Magnesium: Greek (A2)
Aluminium: Danish (B1), French (A2)
Silicon: Estonian (B1)
Phosphorus: German (B1)
Sulfur: Greek (C1), Chinese (B2)
Chlorine: French (B1)
Argon: Scottish Gaelic (A1)
Potassium: German (B2)
Calcium: Chinese (B1), French (A2)
Scandium: Norwegian (B1), Russian (B1)
Titanium: Cornish (B2), German (A2)
Vanadium: Swedish (B1), Spanish (B1)
Chromium: Russian (B2), Finnish (B1)
Manganese: Greek (B2), French (A2)
Iron: German (C1)
Cobalt: German (C1), Swedish (A2)
Nickel: German (C1), Swedish (A2)
:iconalexg47:Alexg47 2 0
Art trade - TToA!H, Si + Ge by Alexg47 Art trade - TToA!H, Si + Ge :iconalexg47:Alexg47 6 2
Random PA shipping drabbles pt6
Au x S
Sulfur: You know Gold, you’re really cute!
Gold: Ugh, why won't you... You know what, I'll play along, so why do you think I’m cute?
Sulfur: Because you are.
Gold: But what makes me cute?
Sulfur: You do, everything about you is cute.
Gold: *confused and frustrated* But what about everything makes me CUTE??
Sulfur: Why can’t I just say you’re CUTE! I think you’re CUTE! To me you are CUTE! Is that not a good eanough reason to think you’re CUTE?
Gold: *sigh* I guess, but I still don't get it.
Sulfur: *pouts in annoyance*
I x Bi
Iodine: Bismuth texted at me "your adorable", and I replied "No, YOU'RE adorable".
Iodine: Now she likes me. We've been on three dates. All I did was point out a typo.
Iodine: ...She is kinda cute though.
Al x Sn (+ Ti and Sb)
:iconalexg47:Alexg47 0 0
Unholy Communion by Alexg47 Unholy Communion :iconalexg47:Alexg47 7 0 Political Phosphorus Peace Pact by Alexg47 Political Phosphorus Peace Pact :iconalexg47:Alexg47 3 0 Poland Can Into Love by Alexg47 Poland Can Into Love :iconalexg47:Alexg47 3 0 Demon Bi by Alexg47 Demon Bi :iconalexg47:Alexg47 9 2 DTPAY 2018 by Alexg47 DTPAY 2018 :iconalexg47:Alexg47 3 0 Art trade - TToA!H by Alexg47 Art trade - TToA!H :iconalexg47:Alexg47 5 0 Mermay Hg by Alexg47 Mermay Hg :iconalexg47:Alexg47 4 0


Traditional OC half bodies
As the name implies, I'll draw a half body (i.e waist-up) picture of your human/humanoid OC in the traditional style.

Extras I can do:
- Full bodies (+20 points)
- A simple background (+20 points)
- A second character (+50 if half body, +75 points if full body)

What I WON'T do:
- Non-OC's
- Non-human/humanoid characters (that means things like furries too)
- Anything NSFW
- Very revealing outfits
- Anything else that I'm not comfortable doing

Note that because I'm just starting out with this, and I'm quite busy, I'll only be able to take one of these at a time for now. Also, fill out this form and put it in the "Describe special requests" section, or else I won't accept it:

Character name(s):
Character reference(s):
Halfbody or fullbody:
Preferred pose/expression (optional):
Background (optional):

Finally, if you ask for extras, only send me the points for them if and when I accept your request.


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Journal History

So today is the official start of Eurovision season <s>(well actually that was yesterday since I was an idiot and forgot to post this then)</s> since any song released from today onwards is allowed to be in 2019, and so to celebrate I did this challenge thing I found on YouTube here and here, basically you have to list a bunch of Eurovison songs that fit certain themes, and the gimmick is you're not allowed to repeat any of them.

Part 1:
1: A song you like with a color in the title

How about two colours?

2: A song you like with a number in the title

If you're confused, the title means "A thousand".

3: A song that reminds you of summertime

I'm not sure why, it's just really fun!

4: A song that needs to be played LOUD

There's so many songs I could have picked for this, but in the end I chose this one, it's just so epic.

5: A song that makes you want to dance

Again, there's so many songs I could have picked for this, but I just had to choose this one.

6: A song you like from someone who was 20 or younger

I can't believe this girl was making music this great at just 17, makes me feel bad. *cry emote*

7: A song you like from someone who was 45 or older

I thought this guy was about 60 at the time, but no, 49 then and 55 now.

8: A song that makes you feel happy

It's just so fun and has a party feel.

9: A song that makes you feel sad

It's literally the whole point of the song, but also because it didn't get in the final.

10: A song that makes you feel relaxed

A song from Finland in Swedish? It's more likely than you think.

11: A song that you never get tired of listening to it

That's literally every song on my playlist, but if I have to pick one then I guess this works.

12: A song you like with the word "love" in the title

I can do better than that, here's a song that's just called Love.

13: A song you like which has 3 or more languages in it

If you know me, you know I HAD to pick this.

14: One of your favorite classic songs (50s & 60s)

Not going to lie, I only picked this because of how iconic it is, but that being said I actually find it really cute.

15: A song from the year that you were born

This was the last time that the UK won, which means they've never won in my whole lifetime.

16: A song that makes you think about life

As you may know, the guy that originally was going to do this song died before the Icelandic national final and so a tribute band consisting of his real life musician friends did it for him, plus if you squint at the lyrics enough they seem spookily prophetic which just makes this even sadder.

17: A song that has many meanings to you
I just don't know what to put here, sorry.

18: A song from a group with only 1 word in the title

Judging from the original video, the guy who made this meant to say the song should have a one word title, not the artist, so going by that I picked this.

19: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Again, that's literally every song on my playlist, but here's something that I feel is underrated.

20: A song by an artist nо longer living

Welp, I'm talking about another 2011 song in relation to death, but seriously though, it's been almost 2 months since he passed and I'm still a little sad, mainly because he was only 33, but also because this song was also underrated.

21: A song that makes you want to fall in love

And as a bonus it also has love in the title.

22: A song that breaks your heart

Because it didn't get in the final, that is what you meant right?

23: A song by an artist with a voice that you love

Pop opera is awesome, change my mind.

24: A song that you remember from your childhood

I really thought we could win that year, oh how silly I was.

25: A song that reminds you of yourself

This was harder than I thought, but I eventually decided on this.

Part 2:
1: A song that everyone likes but you hate

I wouldn't say "hate", it's just that this isn't really my thing.

2: A song that everyone hates but you love

I see this song get a lot of hate in lists and things, and I just don't get it all.

3: A song you didn't like at first but now you love it

No really, I used to think this was average, but now it's great.

4: An artist that you would like to see returning to the ESC

She was robbed so badly that year, she needs to have a 3rd try.

5: A country that you would like to see returning to the ESC

Everyone wants Turkey back, so instead I picked Andorra who totally would have gotten in the final that year had there been 2 semis.

6: A song that makes you feel ashamed

By this I this he meant a guilty pleasure, so in that case I chose this because it's just so bad it's good.

7: One of your favourite songs from the 70s

I know nothing about 70's Eurovison, so this was the only thing I would pick that wasn't "Waterloo".

8: One of your favourite songs from the 80s

It's literally called "I love life" and she's the youngest winner ever in Eurovison.

9: One of your favourite songs from the 90s

It's just so catchy!

10: A song that didn't deserve to win

I could be salty about Portugal 2017 again, but instead I'm going to point you at probably the most hated winner in resent years.

11: A runner-up that deserved to win

Oh wait my Portugal salt is here instead 'cause this song was 100 times better in every way.

12: A song you like from a National Final

I don't care that "Lie to me" got 6th, they should have sent this instead.

13: A song you like from a country that has never won

They should have gone all the way that year.

14: A song you like with the word "life" in the title

There a lot more of these than I thought, but I had to pick this one, it's so cute.

15: A song you like with a violin solo

I bet you thought I'd pick something by Alexander Rybak, but this guy deserves recognition too.

16: A song you like written in a language you don't understand

I don't need to know the words to get that this is epic.

17: A song that you prefer in studio version

Never watch the live version, he's completely out of tune.

18: A song that you prefer in live version
I had to skip this too because I just don't listen to the studio versions of Eurovison songs, the one above being a very rare exception.

19: A song that transports you to another place

I've been to Greece before, and this reminds me of back then.

20: A song that you know the whole lyrics

That's true for pretty much everything on my playlist that's in English, so I went with this because I really like its lyrics.

21: A song that makes you fall asleep

In a good way though.

22: A song you don’t like that is often stuck in your head

I have no idea why, it just does.

23: One of your least favourite songs of all time

I may hate Portugal 2017, but this is my other least favourite winner of resent years.

24: One of your favourite songs of all time

Again, if you know me, you know I HAD to pick this

25: Your favourite song from your country

Still a little sad that having Emmelie de Forest write our song didn't work, but at least it helped a little.



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