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Darkness Within

By AlexFili
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My first BETA of Darkness Within.

Command legions of soldiers and archers to defend your castle against intruders.

1) Build houses for your recruits
2) Train 20 soldiers: These are your first line of defense
3) Train 12 archers: These are your defense against airbourne units.
4) Train 4 sniper units: They can whittle away the enemy
5) Train 4 repairmen: They will make repairs to your wall
6) Monitor your castle and make adjustments

* A full line of soldiers a lot more effective then just using a few, be sure to fill out the regiments.
* If you want to sell your units, click on the sell tickbox and then on the item you wish to sell.
* If you want to fill out an entire area with recruits, click the fill box, and then click on the zone you wish to fill.
* Airbourne units can only be destroyed with archer units.
* Click the repair icon when your castle walls are under heavy fire and protect the kingdom.

Only one can save the kindgom, and that one is you!
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I managed 801k on Easy mode. IT got laggy by the end though.
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289k points! w00t! lol. it was going along nice and simple then suddenly there was basically a stream of gaurds were dying as fast as i was building them (using fill of course) and i lagged on second. BOOM! castle goes bye bye. haha. very nice.
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Do you mean the Rhianna song or the older one?
BlazeTheCatRules7777's avatar
needs music, (try adding the Don't Stop The Music song, its awsome)